I am pregnant, can I... ?

I am pregnant, can I... ?

… get a manicure? Can I paint the walls? What if I ate fish for lunch? Is my child safe?


Pregnancy is a time of anticipation, but also a number of questions, including the doubts related to the health and safety of pregnant women and their unborn child. It is impossible to answer all the questions that interest pregnant women, so we are bringing you the most frequently asked. Some possible life situations in which you can ask the question "Can I? "


… Lead-based paint for the walls?


Lead dust is a legitimate concern, and certainly wise to avoid. For a pregnant woman, it is better not to participate in the painting and renovation of a child's room or any other renovation. It has not be sufficiently investigated whether high amounts of lead dust cause a lasting effect on a child, and what is the exact amount that you have to be concerned about. But it is known that high levels of lead in the child's blood can affect its development and intelligence quotient. Also, lead can increase the risk of miscarriage. If you believe you have been exposed to lead, it would be good to take a blood test that will show whether your suspicion is correct.


… Have my manicure and pedicure done?


Continuous exposure to solutions that are used by the salon for a manicure, such as acetone in nail polish remover, and toluene in nail polish, is not good for pregnant women. However one manicure every few weeks is not harmful. Women, who have an enhanced sense of smell during pregnancy, can experience dizziness from the chemical vapors, so it is good to choose a salon that has good ventilation. Pedicures can be particularly useful in late pregnancy, as pregnant women find it harder to reach their toes.


… Sleep on my stomach?


In the beginning of pregnancy the uterus is still located behind the pubic bone and is fully protected, so for pregnant women to sleeping on their stomach is not a problem. Further into the pregnancy this is not exactly the most comfortable position as the uterus grows and the abdomen is more prominent. Some pregnant women will then begin to sleep on their backs, and some on the side. Sleeping on your back can cause an uncomfortable feeling of pressure and lack of air pressure and an increased blood pressure, so the majority of pregnant women ultimately sleep on their side. It is better to sleep on the left side. You can put a pillow under your abdomen, between your knees or to support the spine. The most important thing is to sleep as much as you need, and what is the best position, your body will tell you the best.


…. Use self-tanning lotion and tanning?


If a woman does not feel sufficiently attractive during pregnancy, a little tan can do wonders for her confidence. The good news is that the self-tanning ingredients are safe and dermatologists say they are safe to use during pregnancy. These lotions and sprays usually remain on the surface of the skin and will not harm your child.


Solariums, however, are another story. There is no conclusive evidence that they are harmful to a child's development, but it is confirmed that they are harmful to the health of pregnant women. Ultraviolet rays emitted by tanning can cause skin cancer and that those tanning beds that emit only UVA rays are not harmful should not to be believed. One study found that ten tanning session in a year doubles the chances of developing melanoma, one of the deadliest cancers. In addition, melanoma is the only type of cancer that spreads to the placenta, which can be fatal to a pregnant woman and the baby. Additionally, tanning beds can raise the body temperature to a level that is potentially dangerous for the baby, especially during the first trimester.


… Use a microwave?


It is not known whether microwaves cause damage to the fetus. With time, the microwaves have been developed in a way that they rarely let through any radiation, only if they are old or damaged. You can do a little test. Open the door then put a piece of paper between the door and the oven and close the door. Turn on the oven and then try to pull out the piece of paper. If you make it, it means that the door is not closed properly. Such an oven is not recommended for use. If you want to be absolutely sure, do not stand next to the oven it is turned on, instead go to another part of the room.


… Stand near the computer?


Long hours of sitting at a computer during pregnancy can cause back pain, but the computer itself does not have any detrimental effect on the pregnant woman and the baby. There have been many studies on the subject and the conclusion is that the computer does not increase the risk of miscarriage and does not cause damage to the fetus. So, it is advisable to periodically walk and stretch to maintain normal blood flow.


… Whiten my teeth?


There is no evidence that teeth whitening during pregnancy can be risky for a pregnant woman or her baby. But experts cannot say for certain that it is not entirely safe. Therefore, it is better to leave teeth whitening till after birth or, better yet, after breastfeeding. Specifically, the peroxide that is used for bleaching teeth causes the oxidation process which can harm the tissues and cells.


…Take anti-allergy pills?


It is common for women to have heightened symptoms of allergies during pregnancy and mucous membranes are probably swollen and feel puffy. During the first three months of pregnancy, it would be good to avoid any medication or replace them with those of natural origin. Experts say that further into the pregnancy the woman may continue to take medication for allergies without fear.


… Take sleeping pills?


As they can cause addiction among pregnant women, sleeping pills can equally affect the baby in her belly. It has been observed that children of mothers who regularly took sleeping pills had lower IQs. Also, there may be problems with the child's bilirubin metabolism after birth, which can lead to jaundice or even brain damage.


… Carry a child in my arms?


In the early months of pregnancy, women can sometimes carry a younger child in her arms if they do not feel any pain in his back. But as the pregnancy belly grows, so does its center of gravity, which causes a lot of pressure on their lower back. Also, the changes that occur in the body of pregnant women can cause dizziness when standing up. Therefore it is better, to get your toddler used to walking, if they can walk instead of being carries. It will probably not be easy to explain, so let them know that they are still special in your life, regardless of the fact that you are expecting a second child. Let them sit in your lap while you cuddle. Use a stroller when you go for a walk, and let your partner help you carry a sleeping child to bed. If you occasionally need to take them into your hands, bend your knees and try to keep your back straight.


… Insect repellent?


Epidemiological studies have shown that there is more frequent damage to the fetus in pregnant women who are exposed to spray for ants or roaches. Experts say that the amount of insecticide that reaches the fetus through the bloodstream is very small, but the number of insecticide exposure in these studies was small, as was the number of women who participated. Therefore, it is safer to avoid the use of such products and areas where they were used. If the recommended time for absence from such an area is four hours, pregnant women should count that as eight hours.


… Consume raw or undercooked fish?


Well cooked or baked fish is a good source of nutrients. But raw and thermally unprocessed fish should be avoided by pregnant women, meaning that sushi, sashimi and shellfish are not recommended. It would be good to also avoid shark, mackerel and swordfish because these fish may contain large amounts of methyl mercury, which can be passed to the fetus and cause serious health problems.


… Have ultrasound checkups?


Of course, we don’t see the reason why not. Although there are researches that say that ultrasounds are no good for the fetus, women have used ultrasounds since they appeared. Why would you be an exception? You can even have a 3D or 4D ultrasound and have images of your unborn baby for life. Read more facts about 3d 4d ultrasounds by clicking here

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