Kids costumes - how to handle them quickly?

Kids costumes - how to handle them quickly?

Your kid is invited to a kids costume birthday party and suddenly you realize that you're not prepared for this. If you do not have a lot of time, these tips will help you make the costume from materials you probably already have in your home. 

Search the house for inspiration for costumes: 

1 Check your kid's rooms - Do they have a jewelry box? Or a football ball? These toys are a good starting point for making costumes. Necklaces as crowns, dresses and kid's jewelry becomes a princess's costume, a soccer ball, a dirty T-shirts and face paint will transform your boy into a football player. If he has a T-shirt with the Superman logo, put it on under a plain white shirt and combine with "serious" pants. A little hair gel, plastic glasses and you created Clark Kent - Superman! 

2 Check your closets - A few adjustments to your clothing can create fun costumes. For example, spraying an old, white, men's shirt, will transform your kid into a little artist! 

If your toddler has children's boxing gloves, all you need is a pair of dad's practice shorts, kid's bathrobe with a hood and this year's dress up birthday parties can begin! 

Costumes made from a box and different materials: 

3 Live TV or robot - Cardboard boxes, paint and a little imagination is all you need to create original costumes. You can paint the frame box that looks like a TV, and cut holes for your child's arms, waist and neck. Combine boxes of different sizes to make a robot costume. Involve your child in the process of creating and enjoy! 

4. Search boxes with various supplies - paper, ribbons, glitter, paint and colorful balloons are everyday things that can make great costumes for a kid's birthday party. 

5. Check the home cupboards - garbage bags, shopping bags, aluminum foil ... All these can help as a finishing touch on costumes, or it can be the basis for making costumes (robot, astronaut, alien ...). Cut a hole in a large trash bag (on the market there are red, blue, yellow, green ...) for the arms, legs and head. Prepare the other colorful bags from which you will cut out different patterns and paste them on a big bag. Just let your imagination run wild, and really quickly you can create fruit, a variety of animals or the original sushi rolls. 

6. Funny costumes - With a little effort, you can create a funny costume that will make all kids and adults laugh (in a good way, of course). Attach a variety of smaller items to your little one's outfit and comb his hair with a comb that causes static electricity. And voila! You have a costume of a small magnet electrician or a mad scientist … 

7. Use natural colors for the face or makeup - sometimes sheer clothing combined with the colors on kid's face can create a "cool" costume. For example, dress your little girl in pink, tie her hair in a ponytail, put makeup on her and she becomes a Barbie doll. With black leggings, shirt, cat ears that you can make out of cardboard and attach to a headband (if you don't have one, you can make one out of + foil) and colors for the face, you have a cat woman, or should we say a cat girl. 

8. Classic costumes - You can wrap your little one into broad bandages from the home first aid kit and you have a mummy. Jeans, an old vest, belt and scarf around his neck - that's a cowboy. Tight unbuttoned shirt, scarf on his/her head, an eye patch which you can easily create, a little makeup and a pirate is ready! 

If you're short with time, do not worry. With a little creativity, you will have a costume for kid's birthday party and have fun! Also, there are lots of online costume stores like Costume Collection that delivers fast, so consider taking advantage of those stores too.

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