Simple Tips and Tricks for a Successful Cake Smash Session With Your Little One

Simple Tips and Tricks for a Successful Cake Smash Session With Your Little One

These days, there is a new tradition to celebrate the first year of baby-- cake smash! Truly, designing and finding a good cake and having your 12 months baby make a mess out of it can be pretty weird. However, this tradition is slowly becoming popular and you must admit, this is one fun session with your child.

This amazing tradition first started in United States of America and is now going its way to various parts of the world. Basically, you just let your little one do whatever he wishes to do with the cake while you take pictures of him. If you wish to make your cake smash session a success, here are some simple tips.


Before the Cake Smash Session

*  Get your clenaing gears ready.

You and your little one is in for a messy ride. That's why it is best that you already have towels or baby wipes or better yet, a bath on hand. After the cake smash session, there is no need for you to let your baby stay dirty. Take him to bath right away.

* Buy some affordable flooring.

Remember that things can get really messy. Because of this, there is a great risk that your floor may be stained. In order to avoid having to deal with permanent stain problems after the shoot, buy cheap flooring which you can lay down and roll away after.

* Plan your child's outfit.

Remember that this session is no fashion show so there is no need for you to get all fabcy with your child's outfit. In fact, a cute disposable nappy will do. It is a lot better if your child has a cute nappy cover on the top to go with it.

The Cake

* Do not go for fondant.

It is true that fondants are cute and fun to look at but this is no cake fashion show. Fondants can be too hard to break into. For best results, try making use of buttercream icing or whip cream.

* Do not refrrigerate the cake before the session.

It will not only make the cake hard, it will be cold as well.

* Opt for vanilla.

This is one tip from the photographers. It is never a good idea to opt for a chocolate cake for the smash session as it is not fun to look at in pictures. Red icing should not be used too since it will look like blood is splattered on your child's clothes and you would surely don't want that.

* Avoid using colored icings.

Of course, you would wish the photos to be as colorful as they possibly can. However, colored icings are not a good idea. If you want to add a pop of color in the photos, try colorful candy sprinkles and a bit of chocolate chips.

Take all these tips int considereation for a fun fun cake smash session!


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