Five Creepiest Halloween Costumes

Five Creepiest Halloween Costumes

Many people count the days until Christmas; others can’t wait for Easter Sunday to arrive. And then there are those who wait for Halloween in the same way a small child eagerly anticipates Santa Claus’s arrival on Christmas Eve. If you count yourself amongst the latter group, you’re probably already in the midst of planning your Halloween costume. Having already covered the categories or funniest, cheekiest or most original, you might be interested in venturing into the category of creepiest Halloween costumes. After all, isn’t Halloween all about giving a good fright?

Creepy Costume Ideas for Halloween

  1. Blood and Gore Costumes. No two ways about it, blood and gore costumes are creepy. If you’re looking for couples’ costumes, you can arrive at an evening Halloween party dressed as a shark and shark attack victim. Choose a classic character, such as Dracula, or opt for a simple ax-in-the-head prop and add some bloody looking makeup. There are many creative ways to creep people out by adding a bit of blood and gore to your Halloween attire.
  2. Scary Characters. Amidst the current scary characters, such as zombies, you’ll also find plenty of characters from the past that are sure to make you the creepiest person on the block. Dress as a witch, a gremlin or a medieval doctor with the long beak-like mask meant to keep the plague at bay.
  3. Creepy Props. A few props make all the difference. Dress as an executioner and carry around a disembodied head to increase the creep factor. Spiders and webs will make for scary décor around your front door when guests and trick-or-treaters arrive after dark. Halloween costume shops are an excellent place to find all the props you need and those you never even thought about.
  4. Creeps from History. Think back through time and there have been plenty of creeps to inspire your next Halloween costume. Whether you choose a character from the Brothers Grimm or a real person in history, there are a variety of creeps to glean costume ideas from.
  5. Costumes that Creep Others Out. People are commonly creeped out by insects, snakes and other creepy-crawlies. Take your cue from nature and arrive with spiders dangling from your costume or a snake wrapped around your neck. If you’re the Swamp Creature, keep a little kids’ slime handy for those Halloween handshakes.

Plan a Creepy, Fun Halloween

Since the occasion comes but once per year, you’ll certainly want to make it the best day possible. Gather your costume ideas together and find what you need at a place such as In addition to choosing your creepy costume, you can also find the props you need for a party or evening on the town. Plan ahead for your favorite day to avoid having to resort to Plan B when costume choices are slim. With a combination of the best possible costume, props and makeup, along with your unique personality, you’ll be sure to give everyone a good fright at your Halloween outing or party.

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