Rainy Day Family Things To Do

Rainy Day Family Things To Do

We've all been there as parents when we've opened the curtains on a Saturday morning only to discover that it's raining without looking like it's going to quit any time before the spring.

Gone are the days of hitting the beach or heading down the park, picnics and woodland walks are all off and as we watch a particularly meandering drip trace down our window the chances are that this is the time you've most dreaded since the school holidays ended.

Don't worry, help is at hand. Below are a collection of awesome things to do on a rainy day with the kids and even though visits to grandma always worked in the past, this is all about you and them so let's stay warm and rock their little worlds!

Bob the Builders

Lego, Playdough, wooden boxes or blanket dens; kids love to build stuff and the more you get involved then all the better. This is a great activity for any dads who want to share some play time with their nearest and dearest just remember that it's not about what you can do but it's about ably assisting your young charges in their new found love of engineering.

Modern art

Getting messy isn't just something that happens outside it's a great idea for a fun activity too and from donning full-body paint-proof outfits to ensuring all important carpets and rugs are covered, painting inside has never been so much fun. Small pictures, hand prints, potato shapes or wall-sized masterpieces, however your kids like to paint then open up the pots and watch them go.

That smells nice!

There's nothing better on a cold and rainy day than heating up the house with some home cooked smells and from making bread to getting your Sunday roast on, if you can involve the kids too then you'll all be better off. Chopping, kneading and mixing are all perfect activities for supervised mini-chefs and eating what they've created is the perfect way to appreciate just how hard mum or dad works in the kitchen.

Get the popcorn out

Getting a family film on the TV via any means possible is just the best way to spend a wet and windy afternoon together on the couch. Make some popcorn, drag in the duvet and curl up together because from chatting about what you're watching to simply spending time together, this is as literal as a family bonding moment gets.

Scrap book

If you've had the forethought to save a few leaves from the autumn or print off some photographs at Boots then you'll be well-prepared for a rainy day and will no doubt relish getting down that scrap book to fill in the blanks. Keeping a diary and remembering where you've been or what you got up to in the summer is a great idea and the more you do together the more fond the memories will become.

Book your hols

If the day's looking decidedly murky then it's time to start thinking about more pleasant times ahead and if you can all sit around your tablet, lap-top or PC and work out where you'd like to go then you can just sit back and watch their little faces light up. Reading about European castles, exotic beaches or USA tours online is almost as good as going there and if you can all take part and share where you'd like to go next summer then the rain will no doubt desist in no time at all.

Now it's time for...

If you can brave the elements then the plush comforts of a local cinema are surely going to be enough to ensure you're able to spend time together as a family no matter what the weather. These days family films are just that and there's always some little snippet or wisecrack in there that's just for the mums and dad. Word of advice: book online in advance to avoid disappointment and a wasted journey.

Little Thespians

An even better option than the cinema is certainly a trip to the theatre and even if you're just visiting the am-dram production of the Sound of Music at your local village hall then who cares as long as you're dry and enjoying something together. Pantos, musicals and even carol concerts are great theatre productions this time of year and if you can search your local listings in advance then it will give you all something to look forward to on a wet and chilly winter's morning.

Leisure time

Keeping fit together as a family is a great idea for a rainy day and if you haven't been to your local leisure centre in a while then you may be surprised at what lies in store. Swimming, badminton and even roller-skating can all be found at this time of year without too much bother and if you, as a parent, haven't done much in the way of fitness lately then this is your chance to show the young ones how it's done.

Get cultural

Most cities or towns have a gallery or museum that is open all year round and taking your kids on a rainy day is certainly a great idea. There can be so much inspiration and interest gleamed from seeing works of art close hand and with plenty of interactive exhibits on display for the younger members of your clan there's much more fun involved than simply traipsing from one display to the next.

Chris is a firm believer that there's no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing however, after a few seasonal colds he's more inclined to watch a family movie on a wet weather day rather than going outside to feed the ducks.

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