Valentine's Day Crafts To Make With Your Kids

Valentine's Day Crafts To Make With Your Kids

Although Valentine’s Day is traditionally thought of as a romantic holiday, there are still plenty of fun ways to get your kids involved in the celebration. Consider hosting a cookie decorating party for your children and their friends after school, or make some homemade chocolate goodies with them. For another fun treat, make Valentine’s Day crafts! Here are a few fun crafts that you can make together on the special day.

1.) Candy Conversation Heart Frames

If your children love pictures, why not create a specialized picture frame? To complete this simple craft, all you need is a wooden frame (which you can find at a dollar store), glue, acrylic red or pink paint, and candy conversation hearts. To begin, let your kids paint the frame. Next, let the frame dry completely. Afterwards, glue candy conversation hearts to the frame. The end result is a unique, fun frame they’ll be sure to cherish.

2.) Paint Your Own Pottery

Take your kids to paint your own pottery place like Color Me Mine and let them pick out ceramics to paint. Once the pottery has been painted, take them out for ice cream or another treat. This is a fun way to spark their inner creativity, because there are dozens of ceramics and paints that they can choose from. Whether you have a budding artist in your household, or just a kid who loves to be creative, this is an activity they will love.

3.) Candy Conversation Barrette

If your daughter loves hair accessories, create a barrette that’s sure to become a great conversation starter. Glue a ribbon onto a smooth rectangular barrette, and decorate it with candy conversation starters. (You can do it with a bracelet if you prefer.) It’s the perfect accessory to wear on Valentine’s Day!

4.) Personalized Candy

I love fun and simple craft ideas, and this one fits the bill. If your kids are handing out miniature chocolate bars to friends, let them add a personalized message first. Measure how big the candy bar is, and then cut out some colored construction paper that covers it up. Decorate the paper with a sweet message, sticker, or drawing, and then tape it to the bar. This is a fun way to add a personal touch to gifts.

5.) Button Bracelets

If your kids want to make matching friendship bracelets for their friends—or if they just want a cute accessory—make button bracelets. You’ll need ribbon, a ruler or measuring tape, scissors, buttons (different colors and sizes), and craft glue. To begin, cut a 12-inch strip of ribbon. Glue the buttons onto the ribbon. Let the bracelet dry so that the buttons are on completely. Then tie the two ends together and voila—you have a bracelet that’s cute as a button! If you want, you can make a charm bracelet or candy bracelet instead. Just use your favorite kind of wrapped candy instead of buttons. The only downside to this type of bracelet: it probably won’t be around for long!

Andrea Smith is a wife and mother of three. She loves coming up with ways to get her children involved in fun learning experiences. Button bracelets have become her daughter's personal favorite.

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