Home Decor for Kids

Home Decor for Kids

Some might think there is no point to even decorate a home when kids are living in the house. Things get broken, messed up, misplaced, and ruined. As this theory may be true, there are ways to decorate your home and have it be more “kid friendly.”

A concept that you might want to try to introduce to your kids is a having an area of the house that is just for the kids. Whether it is a whole room, a corner, or even a closet if you are tight on space, set it aside for the kids.

Make this space appear to really “cool” to the kids. Give it a name, talk it up, and encourage them to spend time there. Let them decorate it with their artwork or play dough sculptures. Find a fun, bright, or colorful banner or garland to hang in this space. The louder it screams “KIDS” the better! If you can, put this space in a part of the house that you will not mind to be a little messy most of the time.

By having this special space set aside for the kids, it will hopefully keep the rest of your home cleaner and less cluttered and gives the kids a place to play, create, and use their imagination.

Another great idea for your home that is also children friendly and unique addition to a home is chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint is easy to use and can be found at most stores who carry paint or craft store. You can paint a wall, a door, a piece of wood, or the top of a table and suddenly have a chalkboard! There is the traditional black chalkboard paint, or you can search around for different colors. This is something that the kids and adults will love!

Other quick and simple ideas include:

  • Having a wall designated for children’s artwork. How can you not hang up your child’s art no matter how hard it is to make out what it is supposed to be? Frame it and hang it. You can create a collage and add photographs and professional artwork into the mix as well. It does not need to be hung in a main room in the house. Find a wall in the laundry room, pantry, mudroom, or the children’s bathroom. This will add sentimental value to your home!

  • Kids love bean bags! Instead of having their sticky hands and dirty feet on your nice furniture, provide bean bags for the kids. You can cover them in a fabric you love!

  • Find cute and decorative storage bins. This will keep kids toys easy to access with an easy clean up! Especially if storage is limited, bins, baskets, totes, and even old trunks will look good in a room and benefit you for practical reasons.

Just because you have kids does not mean you should not decorate your home. It is still possible to decorate your home but may take a little bit more effort and creativity. Do not give up! Trial and error might be necessary. Different methods will work better for different families. Your home should be a place you and your kids love!

Written by Jenna: home-maker, marketing specialist, and most recently a freelance writer for Cabinet Coatings of America.

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