5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy From Second hand Online Baby Stores

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy From Secondhand Online Baby Stores

The number of stores selling online second hand items more than doubled just last year. Today there are as many online baby stores selling second items as they are new but with all this buzz surrounding second hand baby items should you really be spending all you money on them? Most experts seem to think that second hand items are not at all a good idea, and as a matter of fact could end up costing people more than they would otherwise save with their purchase. Below we look at five of the most common reasons why second hand it not right for your baby.

Reason no. 1: They can be infected with diseases

Babies have a very delicate immune system which many doctors often write off as being non-existent. This is why babies are at the most risk of various life threatening illnesses. Even conditions like the common cold can end up costing an infant his or her life if not taken seriously on time. Second hand baby clothes are often sold post a cleaning process but according to experts this cleaning process does not necessary make these cloths safe. Many of the most resilient diseases can withstand washing and dry cleaning which spells bad news for your baby. But this is something that online baby stores selling second items will rarely mention and stores with a conscious will have a small ‘caution’ label which states that you’re responsible for any illnesses as a result of your baby wearing second hand clothing.

Reason no. 2: Most items are not durable

Many people may consider purchasing second hand items like strollers and car seats for their babies to save a good 70% off buying a new one. However, the problem with most of these items being sold online is that they have either been repaired or they are in pretty bad shape. This means instead of getting a few years of service life out of it you can expect to get a few months’ worth of service life. So, you’ll end up needing another one pretty soon. That said things like car seats for babies are meant to keep them safe and if the integrity of the seat has been compromised then it defeats their purpose.  

Reason no. 3: What defines slightly used?

Many online baby stores will advertise that their items are ‘slightly used’, however, the term is relative or subjective even and tells you nothing about how and how much it was used. Many stores use these terms to hide behind the fact that they do not know how much about how an item was used or what condition it is currently in. So, buying anything that is defined ambiguously is a big risk, a risk you shouldn’t take with your kids.

Reason no. 4: No return policy

The vast majority of online baby stores selling secondhand items do not offer any type of return policy or warranty. Once these items arrive at your home (usually via mail) there is nothing you can do to send them back regardless of what condition you receive them in. This is why sellers often say that you’re “buying them as is”. So, what may look perfectly fine in a photograph may in fact be in pretty bad shape. This is a waste of money since you’ll end up having to spend more if you now consider buying a new one or even another second hand item. Also, if you receive the item in perfectly good shape and it breaks a week from today, there is nothing you can do about it. This is often the case with second hand baby strollers which are purchased online. The wheels will often break off and you’ll have to try and repair it yourself.

Reason no. 5: It is a waste of time

Searching for really good condition baby items at second hand stores both online and offline is very time consuming. You can go around searching for weeks and not find something that you like. A waste of time is inadvertently a waste of your money. You’d probably be better off buying a new baby product from online stores like http://gracebaby.com.au, knowing that it’s backed by a return policy, warranty and the item is disease free. 


Manu Alias has been selling baby clothes and items for over a decade. He runs both an online and an offline store that specializes in selling new baby items. In his experience online baby stores selling second hand items are often of low quality, this is despite the growing number of these stores. Grace Baby in Facebook

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