Planning Your Teenager's Birthday Party

Planning Your Teenager's Birthday Party

Your teen might drag their feet when you tell them to wash the dishes or take out the trash, but when it comes to their birthday party, they are probably all about celebrating! If you want to make a memorable birthday party for your teen, then utilize the tips below. These will ensure you are the parent that "thought of everything", even if you really prepared everything the last minute. If you're ready to start planning, then keep reading!     

1. Food          

Teens eat a lot of food, so you need to make sure you have snacks galore at the party. Handheld snacks are ALWAYS the best, because they reduce mess and allow the teens to walk around and talk while they chow down. Have a surplus of napkins as well as paper plates ready, then consider these foods:         

- Popcorn Bar -

Pop some popcorn and put it in a huge bowl with a scooper right next to it. Then place some chocolate candies, caramel, marshmallows, nuts, chocolate chips, gummies and any other candies that you like into small bowls next to it. Purchase some popcorn bags from a party store, and then the teens can make their own popcorn mixes! (You can do this with cupcakes or brownies and toppings as well!)          

- Mini Hot Dogs, Burgers and Pizza -

These are all great party foods because they are easily held on small plates and don't require spoons or forks. Remember, you want cocktail foods because they reduce mess! Make sure you have options for kids with allergies and dietary restrictions, meaning all-cheese pizza or veggie burgers that are vegetarian friendly.           

2. Activities   

While you don't have to plan out every minute of the party, you should have some activities there that the teens can enjoy. Just make sure you don't bring a pinata or pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey if you want to avoid eye rolls at the party.  

- Photo Booth -

Kids love taking pictures of themselves now more than ever, so why not have a photo booth? You can rent one of these from a party store, but you can also make your own by hanging a sheet against a wall and putting props next to it for the teens to use. Just keep a camera on a tripod with self-timer on, and the kids can take pictures all night!  


- Music -

Don't even try to pick the music for the party; let your teen do it. Of course you can approve the list before you play it, but let them choose it so you don't end up with teens wondering why oldies are playing at the party.     

3. Venue        

A lot of parents are branching out with venues where they host teen birthday parties, which ensures their home doesn't get wrecked with all the kids that walk through it. You can always use your home if you want to save money, but if you're looking elsewhere, these are great options:

- Community Center -

Ask your local community center if you can rent a room for a day. Most will allow this for a small fee that simply covers insurance, depending on the center.  

- Function Venue -

If you want a nicer venue (such as this one), then this is a great option because it's ideal for private parties. It can fit a lot of people, so your invite list can be pretty large.

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