Zzzs in your baby's nursery: Chairs vs. Sofas

Zzzs in your baby's nursery: Chairs vs. Sofas

When it comes to motherhood there is no handbook which, for new parents, can be a scary prospect. While each parent is dragging their way through those long sleepless nights and forging their own parenting style, there are a few tricks one can follow to help retain some sense of sanity. Here, we’ll be discussing sofas and chairs – an absolute must for moms in the nursery room and something that you’ll look back on and thank the heavens someone invented those glorious lifesavers. 


While most parents are concerned with the essentials of a baby nursery (changing table, dresser, crib, diaper disposal, mobile, etc) one thing that often is left out is some form of sleeping for the parent. If you are a new parent, you may have an inkling of how many sleepless nights you are going to have, but underestimating the comfort and sheer necessity of a sofa is foolish. 

When your poor child is suffering from colic or an upset stomach, you will spend many nights staying in the nursery then you will your own bed. Unfortunately that little sleep can drain any parent, and you will soon become an expert at power naps. Those precious thirty minutes you have until the baby wakes up again can be spent laying by their side in a comfortable sofa catching a few minutes of peaceful sleep yourself. 

Additionally, a sofa will be an absolute lifesaver when it comes to quick crib side changes, swift clothing swaps after a spit up, and simply a place for any new mommy to put her feet up and relax while her child is feeding. While they do take up more space than your standard chair, having a sofa in your nursery is something that is absolutely worth every penny! 

Choosing a Chair or Sofa 

Many parents may think a chair is the best option for their room simply because there is so much to be said towards rocking chairs and nursing chairs. If you have room enough for both, then it is highly recommended that you get a nursing chair and a sofa! Unfortunately, many may find that the space allotments in their nursery only allows for one. In this case, you should consider your options carefully. 

Overall, sofas seem to be the better option for a variety of reasons. Not only can they come in fantastic designs, like some of those amazing colors seen on the latest Knoll sofas, but they have many other positive features as well: 

  • Functional – Unlike chairs, many sofas can be converted into a full sized bed! This allows parents to fold it out and comfortably sleep on it through tough nights when their child is ill. 
  • Economical – Sofas can be used well past the first year of your child’s life. You can purchase one and put it in a spare room later when your child becomes sleep trained and goes all night without waking up! Additionally, if you get one that converts, you can use it for guests to sleep on later! 
  • Stylish – Aside from being outrageously comfortable and quite economical, sofas are very stylish. You can buy the in bright bold colors, or even get one with prints! Match your nursery theme and create a vivid space for your little one to grow up in!
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