Helping Your Child Welcome A New Sibling

Helping Your Child Welcome A New Sibling

Are you expecting baby number two? Pregnancy and its symptoms may be familiar to you now that you are a seasoned mother, but there are still plenty of novelties in store. While you are probably excited about giving your older child a new sibling, your child may be less thrilled about the new baby, who is going to disrupt family harmony and may feel quite threatened.

Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do in order to help your child adjust to a new brother or sister. Consider the following:

Include Your Child In The Pregnancy

Some people are going to advise you to keep your pregnancy to yourself for quite a while, because you may have a miscarriage and nine months is too long a time frame for young children to understand what is happening. There are some good reasons to share the news right away, however.

Your child is going to notice your pregnancy signs and symptoms, and wonder what is wrong with you. She may also wonder why you are less active, including less active in engaging her in play. Then, there is the chance that your child will find out about your pregnancy just by listening to your conversations with your partner or other adults, or she may even hear that she is going to be a big sister from someone else!

Most of all, including your child in your pregnancy can bring great joy to the whole family. Almost all kids love picking out baby clothes, discussing names for their little sibling, or feeling him kick from the womb!

Make Your Child Feel Loved And Secure

Some immature men feel insecure about their place in the family after a baby is born... imagine how your child might feel! All kids like to be reassured about their place in the family during a pregnancy. You can help by showing him pictures of himself as a newborn, and talking about how happy you are that he is bigger now

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