Nurturing an Older Child during Pregnancy

Nurturing an Older Child during Pregnancy

When pregnant with your first child, the novelty of becoming a parent can be almost overwhelming. Many mothers spend hours researching topics related to maternity and infants, going to parenting classes, attending pre-natal yoga classes and more.

While you may have obligations such as work or study the first time around, it can be much easier to dedicate time to preparing for a new baby. Having only yourself and your partner to consider allows you to explore, discuss and plan at your leisure.

During the second pregnancy you may be a bit less anxious about what the birthing process entails and what you'll experience as parents of an infant. While you may not feel the need to obsess over every pregnancy symptom, you will have another small influence to contemplate: your older child.

It is important to consider the impact of a second baby on your older child and attend to her accordingly. This can also help you remain sane as your body prepares to give birth to a new little being while caring for another.

Depending on your child's age, you'll need to explain to her in a gentle way that you are expecting a new little sibling. Then, no matter your child's maturity, it will be your job to nurture your relationship with her and make the transition as smooth as possible.

It can often seem as though everyone is focused only on the mother's growing midsection beneath her maternity blouse and the new baby she's carrying; they may only pause fleetingly to ask your older child if she's ready to be a big sister. This can quickly make her feel put aside. Be sure to spend time with her, doing things that she enjoys. Concentrate on her as an individual and an only child; these are her last few months to enjoy that distinction.

Have your older child be part of your preparations for baby. Older kids can really enjoy things like contemplating baby names and selecting toys and clothes. Have your child help you choose maternity blouses for your growing belly, or browse paint samples for the baby's bedroom.

Spend time as a family looking at photos of your older child when she was a baby. This will give you a chance to bring up funny anecdotes about what she may have said or done, and can help your child learn about the joy of having a new born baby in the house. It will also help remind her that she once was your baby and that you will continue to nurture and adore her.

Even after baby is born you can continue to place the focus on your older child and reinforce her position as a valuable member of the family. Infants, while needy in certain ways, will generally receive all of the care and attention they need during the first few weeks just by being fed, changed and snuggled against your body.

Use this time to concentrate on your relationship with your older child by by reading together quietly as baby feeds, watching educational films, taking walks to the park with baby in a sling, or playing her favourite games while baby naps.

Author Bio: Sonia Bieber is a mother of two and an avid cyclist. She is also a writer for Crave Maternity in the UK, where you can find beautiful maternity blouses and a range of stylish maternity wear.


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