Games for a Child's Birthday Party

Games for a Child's Birthday Party

Kids love celebrating their birthdays. It is a day that most kids love, it is not only their birthday but a special day as well.They celebrate the day with their friends, family and relatives. When giving your kid a birthday party, it's best you choose a great birthday party theme. For example, if it's your daughter's birthday and she likes Barbie-dolls, choose a Barbie themed party. If it's your son and he loves Star Wars, then you can settle for a Star Wars themed party. Once you have made a final decision, you can now design the birthday party invitation cards, you can make ornaments or create your child's birthday party costume and if possible even have food and drinks that complement the theme of the party. When the guest arrive they need to be entertained, especially children since they get bored easily.Kids want to play and act. It's best to know what are the best games for kids at a birthday party. The following are the top 10 games that guaranteed great entertainment for kids at a birthday party.

1. Musical Chairs

This is a traditional game which has always been popular with kids.To participate in this game you must at least be 6 players and some chairs (Note: there should be 1 chair less). The chairs should be arranged in 2 rows back-to-back.The players will walk around the 2 set of chairs once the music played. Once the music stops, all the players will race to the chairs to sit, the one left without a sit gets left out of the game.This goes on and the last one remaining is the winner.

2. The packet

This game is good for kids of all ages. Make a package,then prepare or purchase the Party Award and then wrap it. Continue to wrapping the package using many different colors of the wrapping papers. Let the kids make a circle and once the music plays the package also starts going around,whenit stops, the kid holding the package should open the 1st layer of the wrapping paper and package will get smaller.Once the music resumes, the package can go back into circulation, this goes on and on until the final layer is un-wrapped and the kid holding the package gets to keep the prize of the party.

3.Simon Says

It is a simple and fun game. An adult, for example, a parent can be "Simon" and then give orders by saying, for example, "Simon says, stand up," and then everyone has to ,obey and stands up.However the players should not perform any action if they hear, "says, Simon". If they do, they are out of the game. The last one left is the winner of the game.


This game can have as many players as possible. Let the kids scatter in a room and then start the music, let them dance around but once the music pauses all the players should freeze in their immediate position, if someone moves, he or she is out of the game. This goes on till only one kid remains and he or she is crowned the winner.

5.Potato Sack Relay

With this game you can have 2 or 3 teams. Each of these teams should have a bag of potatoes. Now put the bags on chairs or desks not far away.The team that goes in their bags and past the markers and then return and are out of the bags as fastest are the winners.

6.Treasure Hunt

It can be played both outside or inside the house. It is quite simple. Toys are hidden in the yard or house, and the kids start looking for them until the last toy is found.

7.Balloon Explosion

You need to inflate balloons then put a lollipop or some other goodies before you tie the knot. You can then pass the balloons or hang them up. Let the kids catch them and have the gifts inside.

8. Egg-and-Spoon Race

All the players will be at the starting line with a spoon and an egg (boiled) or a golf-ball. They will then place the egg or golf-ball on the spoon and run or walk towards the finishing line. If the egg or golf-ball falls, you are out.


This game requires many empty cans. Players will get a maximum of one minute to make the tallest tower using the cans.If the tower falls and the time has ran out , you lose. The one with the tallest tower wins.

10.Hot Potato game.

Let the kids sit in a circle. Use a stuffed sock and everyone has to pretend it's a 'hot potato'. play the music as the potato goes round.Once the music is paused, the one with the hot-potato is out. it goes on till one kid is left and is then crowned the winner.

On the Birthday day, ensure the place is well decorated according to theme chosen,the food and drinks compliment the theme as well. If you live in Australia, check out Party Picks website to find some interesting party suplies. My kid loves the Tomas the tank engine theme.

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