20 Cute Websites To Entertain Your Kids!

20 Cute Websites To Entertain Your Kids!

 Thanks to the internet it’s now possible to enjoy the wide variety of very cute things around the world in digital form. It can be an education, funny, and hugely enjoyable activity to simply browse across the many websites and see what the world is getting up to, and here is a selection of 20 such examples to cuteify (if this is a word) your day up a notch. 

As with all internet activities, supervising younger children whilst they’re online is recommended. You can help with instructions, and you can steer them clear of any Justin Bieber concerts.

1.Cute Overload 

If you need cheering up or simply feel the need for cute, the first place to head to is Cute Overload, a website teeming with adorable, cuddly, furry and feathered friends. The site is designed to allow the maximum daily intake of cute, with the best and most heartwarming imagery to be found on the web collected in one place for your visual pleasure. 

Cute Overload also features a handy glossary so you can learn the lingo of cuteness with definitions for terms such as Cuteologist, Floof, Honk-Shu, Muzzlepuffs, Peeky McPeekerson, Snorglish, Squee, Barfing Rainbows and many other cuteological gems.

2. Little Friends Photo 

Photographer Seth Castell presents a collection of his gorgeous animal imagery-  including his astonishing Underwater Dogs project. These exquisite pictures show dogs diving into water, viewed from beneath the water’s surface, revealing the beauty of the submerged canine and the dog’s resemblance to its cousins in the animal kingdom such the seal and the otter.

3. Cutest Paw 

Cutest Paw is an extremely comforting Pinterest-based website that displays a wonderful gallery of cute animal pictures from around the world. From the sublime to the ridiculous, these critters are united in their extraordinary cuteness.

4. The Cute Project

 This website’s title perfectly describes its purpose: the fulfillment of a mission to collect and display the cutest animal-related photos, videos, games and art to provide cuteness addicts with their daily injection of cute.

5. Pinterest

A collection of all manner of amazing things, this social media phenomenon has over 50 million users and encourages you to actively participate; get yourself a digital camera and upload some pictures today!

6. Life with Dogs 

Life with Dogs is a world leader for online information, health, training, food, forums, videos, stories and all things dog. There’s the latest dog news, advice on dog adoption and a wealth of fascinating and tear-jerking tales of the interactions between dogs and their human companions.

7. Attack of the Cute 

Attack of the Cute is an accessible and endlessly captivating site offering a daily feast of cuteness, with photos and videos of the most attractive creatures known to man. There is the option to view the most popular cute images and a ‘versus’ section in which two photos are presented, votes collected on which is the cutest and a winner announced on a daily basis.

8. Daily Squee 

The Daily Squee’s tagline clearly and concisely summarizes what the picture-based website provides - photos that are ‘so cute your brain might explode.’

9. The Pet Collective 

The Pet Collective is a forum for animal lovers to share and enjoy pictures, videos, heartwarming stories, pet-related information, livestreams and get in contact with their fellow pet obsessives.

10. Kitten War 

Kitten War is a simple interface that pitches two adorable kittens in a head-to head battle to determine who is the cutest. You are presented with a pair of pictures of baby cats in sweet poses and it’s up to you to decide which is the cutest – you click on your favourite and then you get another pair of kittens to choose from. 

The site features rankings for the winninest kittens, losingest kittens, a selection of the newest kittens and the opportunity to upload a picture of your own cat to enter the Kitten War.

11. A Place to Love Dogs 

A Place to Love Dogs is the perfect site to enjoy beautiful photos of dogs, read eye-opening dog stories, collect dog-related quotes, watch videos of dogs and add your own dog pictures. Cute, inspirational, cheering, and very, very doggie.

12. Let’s be Friends 

Lets be Friends is a blog full of astonishing tales of unlikely relationships in the animal kingdom – from chimpanzees cuddling doves, foxes bonding with badgers, cats nuzzling ponies, to more surprising pairings such as mice riding toads and hippos snuggling up with turtles. Love truly knows no boundaries.

13. Cute Things Falling Asleep 

What could be cuter than a cute thing falling asleep? Not much, if this website is anything to go by. Cute Things Falling Asleep presents a growing collection of cute animals and beautiful babies gently drifting into slumber. There are dozing dogs and cats, kittens and puppies, bears and birds – there’s even a sleepy elephant – all given a score out of five for both cuteness and sleepiness.

14. CuteStuff.co 

The title explains it all – CuteStuff.co is a site dedicated to everything cute and cuddly, with pictures and videos found on the internet and collected together with the aim to ‘put a smile on your face and brighten your day because these beautiful moments were created to share!’

15. LOLCats 

This internet sensation sees pictures of cats set to slightly garbled English, as if the cats can speak their (often) selfish thoughts. It makes for some very amusing, and cute obviously, pictures which entertain for a fair old while.

16. Dog Shaming 

One of the pitfalls (and also one of the pleasures) of sharing your home with a dog is when they misbehave: shredding sofas, stealing food, helping themselves to snoozes in your bed, chewing your slippers, fouling the living room rug and eating the neighbouring cat’s poop, there’s no end to the fun a dog can have wrecking your house. 

Dog Shaming is the site to get your own back – users upload photos of the guilty mutt along with a sign describing the dog’s misdemeanour. The photos also often feature items of evidence and glimpses of the crime scene.

17. Things That Make You Go Aahh

This blog is full of the cutest things that simply make you go ‘aahh…’

18. The Daily Puppy 

The Daily Puppy is a newspaper-themed dog website that everyday presents a new puppy along with their profile, a little about their personality and past times and an album of photos. The site also features a live Pupdate news feed so you are guaranteed to receive ‘your recommended daily allowance of puppies.’


19. I Has A Hotdog


I Has A Hotdog is the place to view photos and videos of dogs and their friends, ranging from the absurdly cute to the laugh-out-loud funny.

20. ZooBorns


Finally, ZooBorns is a website that presents the latest news on freshly born and infant animals housed in zoos across USA. Along with being incredibly cute, these newly-born animals serve as ambassadors for their wild cousins, raising awareness of endangered species, and the site reveals how zoos raise youngsters and help conserve animals in captivity. 



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