How to divide household responsibilities between the family members

How to divide household responsibilities between the family members

We all like to live in clean houses, drive clean cars and live in a clean society. But when it comes to the actual process of cleaning, not many people volunteer to help. This is sad really; considering that the best cleaning experiences I ever had in my life were when I was cleaning together with my family. Usually they let me do all of the work (“let me” means that they just don't get in the way), and guess who is waking up with a bad back every morning? But due to the upcoming holidays, I have decided to give each and every member of my household a chore to do. This way at least I won't have to call for professional help (every housekeeper's worst nightmare) and my hard work might be appreciated for once. Here is what I did:


Make A Plan

There is not a better place to start, than the good old drawing board. The easiest way to assign everyone a just and appropriate task, is to write everyone's name in a tree like structure (much like the files and folders on your computer). Here is where it gets tricky; for you must figure out what kind of work to give each individual member of your family. We are going to talk about that in just a second, but first let let me just say, that you shouldn't give your family unrealistic assignments. Leaving the kids to take care of the kitchen is not only irresponsible, but you won't get anything cleaned this way. Let's have a more detailed look at what I am talking about.



Mums should only deal with delicate, gentle work - like they say, the Devil is in the details. Cleaning the kitchen is one thing most mums can handle (when asking dad to move the big kitchen appliances that is), because all women like to take their time, and master whatever it is they are doing. Be it the kitchen, the living room or the guest room; mum is the person who is going to make everything look clean and shiny. If not her, who else?



Dad could handle the more “rough' part of the cleaning session. For one, make him clean his own stuff/room/closet/garage - basically everything that is excursively his. Next make him help you around while you clean – moving furniture around, getting hard to reach places, running to the store etc. Also, have your husband do most of the scrubbing, while you stand aside and supervise. This way you will be done before you know it, and your relationship will be better for it.



The kids should take care of their own rooms (there is a whole week of work right there). Just make sure you give them detailed instructions and don't allow any playtime, goofing off, running around or noise of any sort. Kids make everything into a game, and as we all know it is not. Don't give your kids any detergents if they are below the age of 12. Better safe than sorry, I always say. Just have them tidy up their rooms, put away their toys, organize their comics etc. You can also make them clean the bathrooms with hot water only (no suds, it will get them excited). 



Author Bio: Paula Sheamus currently runs and loves to write for home improvement and cleaning. 


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