Stunning Book for Child's Personality Development: Lion Who Has Never Given Up

Stunning Book for Child's Personality Development: Lion Who Has Never Given Up

This book is a very useful material for kids aging from three to six years old because the book revolves around the concept of determination in order to reach success. During the developmental stage of kids, it is important to feed them with books that could help them stimulate their minds and harness their maturity.

The book The Lion Who Has Never Given Up by Eric Russell revolves around the story of a young lion named Leo who has a very small voice. As he plays with his mother, he really thinks that he could scare her. He hides behind the rock and yells his heart out. Her mother, as cooperative as she is, would also pretend that she was shocked.

Knowing that his mother was scared by his yell, Leo sets out to scare other animals. To his dismay, all of the animals he tried scaring to were not actually stunned by his small-voiced yell. His last encounter was with the group of Lions. He tried his best to scare them but he was teased because that is the farthest roar that he could give out.

Other Lions laughed at him so he ran to his mother crying. Leo was very disappointed and humiliated why he has such a small voice. His mother comforted him and said that someday he will find his own voice. She also stressed out that Leo is a Lion so it means that he is the King of all the animals in Africa.

Her mother also advised Leo that in order to get that loud roar that he wanted, he needs to persevere. As a response to his mother’s challenge, Leo would always practice. As he gets bigger and bigger, Leo is becoming impatient why his voice is not changing. He kept on going on until such time wherein he was able to let out one big roar. His parents were so proud of him of what he has achieved.

This book is a must have material for your kids because it will help hone the personality development of the child. The book has a very good moral lesson for kids. If they wanted something, they need to work hard for it to prove they are worthy of what they have. Along with the digital copy of this book is a free video that a child could enjoy watching on a widescreen.

Like other kids books, this new arrival is rich in illustrative details. Once your kid sees this amazing book, he or she will never turn it down. Get it and you will never regret. See a trailer of the video version of the book below.


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