Dad and Baby Bonding Ideas

Dad and Baby Bonding Ideas

When it comes to raising a baby, it's extremely important for both parents to have equal opportunities to bond with their kids. And while it may seem that quality time with the baby comes easier for mothers, dads should not be discouraged. There are plenty of bonding opportunities for dad as well. They may not be obvious (in fact some of them can be counter-intuitive) but allowing the child to spend some alone time with dad can do wonders for the family.

Below are a few ideas to get those bonding moments rolling:

Start Early

Who says you can't bond with your unborn child? Studies show that babies can already tell the difference between their parent's voices and voices of strangers as early as 30 weeks. This means that speaking to your baby even before birth will allow them to get used to your voice and they'll be more likely to respond when they're born.

So dads, don't be afraid to talk to your baby even when he or she is still inside the mother's womb. Make it a point to tell stories. Be creative. Speak words of encouragement. Heck, you can even sing if you want! Doing so will let your baby get familiar with your voice and it will make bonding moments come easier in the future.

Never Underestimate the Sense of Touch

Touching is important for both parents and babies. It allows parents to bond with their kids without saying a word and it illustrates the power of simply being there. Between parents, moms are the ones who usually have the touching part covered. Mothers are the ones who breastfeed and so they can end up spending more close-range physical time with the child.

Dads on the other hand, may not get as much exclusive physical time with the baby. To resolve this, consider assigning special physical tasks just for dad. For instance, parents can agree that bath time is dad's bonding time for the baby. Maybe assign a specific time or situation where the dad is the one who handles and takes care of the child.

Play and Be Goofy

Bonding moments isn't just about talking and cuddling. It's also recommended that dads be goofy with their babies every now and then. Make silly faces with your kid and try to make them laugh as often as you can. Why not carry them in that fun way that they love so much? Gently lift the baby and jiggle them slightly. The little ones love this, and it also helps soothe them. If the baby is old enough, consider allowing him or her to sit on dad's lap so he or she can get a little bouncy.

The goofy and physical role is usually perfect for dads, since males have the stronger tendency to be physical, compared to females who tend to be more reserved and nurturing.


Whether your purpose is to stimulate your child or calm them, be sure to get as much bonding time as you can. Dad and baby bonding have many advantages, both for the baby and the parents, so don't skimp out on them.

Image credit: khrawlings on Flickr

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