How to Encourage Your Child to Play Softball

How to Encourage Your Child to Play Softball

Could your child be the next great outfielder or batter? You won't know unless you encourage them to try. And even if they're not, getting kids to play softball is a great way for them to get exercise, socialize with other kids their age, and build their confidence.

As a parent, here's how you can make sure your child makes the most out of playing softball.

1. Let your child make mistakes. Every child, even if they have a natural talent for sports, won't always be perfect. They'll make mistakes or miss something if they're not paying attention. A parent doesn't have to jump all over them when they make a mistake. Encourage them to learn from it and do better next time.

2. Emphasize having fun over winning. Parents have to remember to keep the game in perspective. While you might feel that your child's team deserves to win every single game, the reality isn't what you'd prefer. Other teams will win and that's all right. The most important thing to remember—for both you and your child—is that everyone's having fun. If playing softball is making them miserable, then it might be time to consider a new activity.

3. Don't criticize or try to coach from the bleachers. No one wants to be that one parent who's always calling out instructions to their kids during a game or getting into arguments with the coach. To avoid being that kind of parent, make a conscious effort to respect the game and the people participating in it, including the other parents watching. Remember that how well a team does in the game isn't necessarily based on a coach's decisions or the weather, but on how well they play as a group and against their opponents. This is a good way for your child to learn accountability and the advantage of hard work in sports.

4. Practice whenever possible. As busy as parents can be with managing their careers and their households, your children always come first. And when it comes to encouraging them in sports, that also means making sure that they get plenty of time to practice and hone their skills. In a sport like softball, you might try something like playing catch or taking a trip to the local batting cages. Look at every practice session as a chance to bond with your child and help them see how much fun the sport is for you. They'll feel good about playing and want to do better as a result.


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