Unique Boys Room Design Options

Unique Boys Room Design Options

Are you tired of the generic blue or green boys' room that most parents paint for their kids? Do you want something that stands out and really impresses your kids and your guests? You don't have to be an interior decorator or a creative genius in order to make an awesome room that any boy would love. There are tons of options out there that you can easily pull together on your own without much effort at all! 

1. Space Room 

Supplies needed: 

- Dark blue, white, yellow and orange paint

- Paint brushes and painting tape

- Glow in the dark ceiling stars

- Dark blue bedding

- Space themed bedroom accessories 

Does your child like space and enjoys this subject? Well, a space room can easily be made with the right decorations and paint. The walls should be painted dark blue, but you should leave white lines along the sides of the wall that mark where different planets are at. Once this is finished, you can paint a sun on the ceiling where the bedroom light is at. If you don't want to do this, then you can easily make a sun out of construction paper and put it on the ceiling. 

Finish this bedroom off with dark blue bedding and a throw blanket that looks like craters. There are even bedding sets made for boys that look just like space suits. You can also find plastic stars to stick onto the ceiling to create the illusion of the night sky. These glow in the dark sticks can also act as a nightlight! Just make sure to finish the room off with wooden blinds so they block out the sun and make the room look more like space.


2. Baseball Room 

Supplies needed: 

- Baseball mural

- Team color bedding

- Baseball glove pillows

- Old baseball bats

- Red and white paint

- Small paint brush 

If your child loves baseball, a room that is themed after it will be a sure hit! Start off by painting the bedroom white (if it isn't already). From here, use red paint to create stitches, like you see on a baseball, along the middle of all the walls except on the wall behind the bed. On the wall behind the kids bed you will need to place a baseball mural, which you can find online. 

After this, you can attach all bats together so that they create something that looks like a headboard. Attach this to the wall and then put the bed up against it. Next you will dress the bed with your child's favorite team's colors. To finish this off you can put a baseball glove and baseball pillows on the kids beds for added decoration. You can find most of these things online pretty easily, so get as creative as you want! 

With all the different decoration options available, the possibilities are endless. You can make your child's room a true piece of work if you just find the right supplies and inspiration. Just start by thinking about what their favorite things are, and then do your best to make it come to life!


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