The Technology Age: How To Make Your Kids Cut Back On Technology?

The Technology Age: How To Make Your Kids Cut Back On Technology?

As a parent, you can likely harken back to the days when you were left alone and found whatever you could on the television to watch. It didn't even have to be something that was all that entertaining. Your mother or father would have to tell you to turn off the television and go outside. Now, imagine if you had an unlimited supply of media to consume and an assortment of entertainment at your fingertips that you could never fully watch in a lifetime. If your parents didn't step in, in all likelihood, you would never turn off the television.

Computer Hazards
Kids have more options than ever for entertainment and that's why you must set barriers, or cut the cord on the computer altogether. Unlike your television, most activities on the computer require the full attention of your child. She can't chat on Facebook and do her homework at the same time because she needs to use her fingers to type. Television acts as a mostly a passive activity that can lead to obesity, but at least you had the ability to complete schoolwork, pay attention to others around you and even read with the television in the background.

Set Limits!
Obviously, asking to cut the cord on the computer doesn't make sense. Kids actually do need computers for many assignments in school, and knowing how to use a computer provides a valuable life skill. Instead, set limits on what your child can use the computer for and the length of time each day. Determine how much time your child actually needs for homework and provide some time for fun, entertainment activities. Don't make the use of a computer a reward since that can create an unhealthy attitude or even addiction toward computer use later on in life. Never allow the use of a cell phone, tablet or other type of computer in a restaurant or during family time.

Find Alternatives
One of the best ways to get your child away from the computer is by not letting them know they are giving anything up to begin with. While you need to set limits, you don't need to explicitly state these limits to your child. Keep only one computer in the house for everyone to use and require that your child share the computer with others. Find other activities for your child to participate in to reduce the time available to use a computer. If you find that your child spends all of his free time using a computer, there is a good chance computer use has already turned into an addiction. Beat the addiction by supplementing computing activity with sports, games, social outings, events and playing with friends.

Some Content Worse Than Others
Don't automatically assume your child has a problem. Assess the situation and determine what your child uses the computer for. Make her use a limited account with parental controls so you can monitor her activity. Educational games, skill building and other activities can benefit your child. Facebook, YouTube videos and other social media sites can detract from your child's ability to experience life. Monitoring and limiting your child's Internet use isn't just about preventing her from wasting time online; it's also about raising a productive and healthy member of society. Cut the cord early and get your child involved in activities and hobbies like music, dance or academic clubs that allow her to develop skills over the course of a lifetime.


Jessy Asghar has been a Chester childrens photographer for 5 years now. His passion for photography started at childhood and has grown stronger ever since.


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