4 Books Every Mom Should Read

4 Books Every Mom Should Read

All types of moms--from new ones learning the ropes, to seasoned ladies accustomed to the joys of motherhood--can still use a little advice or pick-me-up every now and then. Maybe you're a mom looking for a nice book to curl up with or a good friend trying to find a gift for a mom you know is a wide reader. In any case, the following books should do the trick:

1. Teaching Your Children Values by Richard Eyre

Every parent wants to raise a child with solid values and a strong moral compass. This book helps you achieve that. Authored by Richard Eyre, this is a good read that teaches you how to instill the values of honesty, self-reliance, and dependability in your children. It educates parents on how to develop such values and traits so that kids can grow up to be independent and be strong enough to resist peer pressure and other dangerous temptations. It even offers "practical, proven, month-by-month program of games, family activities, and value-building ecercises for kids of all ages."

2. Rules for Aging: A Wry and Witty Guide to Life by Roger Rosenblatt

This wonderful book is perfect for moms (or anyone, actually) who want to "age successfully". It offers witty advice that can help combat aging and add years to your life. Great for moms who want to survive life's adventures, Rules for Aging gives funny guidance that's "hands down, the most practical, pleasurable and, most importantly, painless advice you'll ever receive." Plus, at only 140 pages, it is also a relatively short read and so getting through it will be a breeze.

3. At-Home Motherhood: Making It Work for You by Cindy Tolliver

Know any stay at home moms (or moms who want to be one)? Planning to become one yourself? Then this book is a must read. As its description so aptly puts it, Tolliver's work is "An indispensable resource for every at-home mother.. A support book for at-home mothers. A practical, thought-provoking and fun way for the at-home mother to find her 'right track' so that she can move and grow in the direction she chooses." Readers rave about the book's practical and doable advice that can really help stay at home moms deal with life in the house.

4. Becoming a Calm Mom: How to Manage Stress and Enjoy the First Year of Motherhood by: Deborah Roth Ledley

The first year of being a mom can be very overwhelming and if you are (or if you know someone) feeling the weight of being newbie mom, then this will serve a really good read. Authored by mother and clinical psychologist Debora Roth Ledley, Becoming a Calm Mom offers "scientifically sound techniques from an experienced cognitive-behavioral therapist with friendly advice from fellow new moms to help moms successfully overcome the self-doubt that so often arrives along with their first bundle of joy." From cognitive issues to communication and making certain choices, this book will equip new moms with the knowledge and skills to help them keep it together during their first year.

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