Reducing Stress during Pregnancy

Reducing Stress during Pregnancy

So you're pregnant! This can be an exhilarating time of life, a time of positive growth and change. However, the excitement can at times combine good aspects with bad. Concerns over finances, career obligations and relationships can blend in with your happy anticipation of laying eyes on your new little bundle of joy for the first time.

At times it seems as though we are surrounded by images of blissful celebrity mothers-to-be in designer maternity nightwear, without a care on earth. In the real world, however, pregnancy doesn't allow us to put our life on hold; there are still bills to pay, older children to look after and relationships with our partners to consider.

Having an easy, breezy stress-free pregnancy is much easier said than done, but by following a few simple suggestions you'll be well on your way.

First off, try to recognize that stress is a fundamental element of almost any person's life. We can't control it but we can certainly manage it. Secondly, realize that although there may be external factors, you alone are responsible for maintaining your levels of stress. This means knowing your limits, understanding your own emotions and giving in to the process of becoming a mother by cutting yourself a little slack.

Carefully record each and every one of your obligations, making a list of required tasks related to work, home, family and things like church or social functions. Ask yourself if you can scratch anything off or reduce its hours in anticipation of increased fatigue and the need for relaxation. This may involve having a firm talk with yourself about allowing for some down time in honor of your pregnancy.

Schedule time in your calendar for napping, lounging, reading or doing another relaxing activity that you enjoy. If you have a hobby like painting or cooking, give yourself time to do it and don't let other obligations infringe on this special time.

Eat healthy, vitamin-rich foods including whole grains, lean proteins and a range of fruits and vegetables. Not only will you feel better, the very notion of dedicating your diet to your wellbeing can be therapeutic.

Practice light exercise in order to boost your energy levels. Schedule time for this as well. You don't have to join a gym or even sign up for a yoga class (although this can also be wonderful). A simple stroll around the block or brisk morning walk can increase blood circulation, boost adrenaline levels and improve your mood instantly.

Spend time with family and friends. Having kind and supportive people around you can greatly reduce stress. Make the effort to connect with your partner during some alone time, and enjoy bonding sessions with your older children as you prepare for baby's arrival.

Indulgences are another way of reducing stress. Enjoy a prenatal massage or luxurious facial. Have a romantic gourmet meal or indulge your chocolate craving with some high quality Belgian truffles. If possible, treat yourself to a few pieces of designer maternity nightwear. You may not be a celebrity, but you certainly deserve to feel stress-free during pregnancy.

Author Bio: Marita Walker is an accountant and mother of three who enjoys swimming and hiking with her family. She also writes on a variety of pregnancy-related topics for Amoralia, makers of gorgeous maternity nightwear and nursing wear.


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