Being the Perfect Sports Mom

Being the Perfect Sports Mom

If you are a mom and your child plays sports, you are officially a sports mom. The most famous of all of these are the classic suburban soccer mom and the hockey mom, made famous by politician Sarah Palin. Clearly the sports mom is the new standard among all active families.

What do all soccer, hockey and other sports moms have in common? Not only do they support their kids on the fields and courts, but they are the driver, equipment manager, physio and coach all rolled into one. These are the roles of the sports mom -- support, cargo, nurse and much more. So what can sports mom do to improve their duty?

Start by getting the right transport. Anyone who has been a hockey mom should know that hauling equipment is part of the job. Sticks, pads, gloves and skates are among the items that moms have to clean, prep and pack for the kids. And if you’re child is a goalie then that haul will weigh a lot more. Knowing this and the amount of miles you will be driving, it makes sense to use a larger car like a van or an SUV. And with all the kids, equipment and other items you haul, it makes sense to get a larger car.

Another thing to earn the title of super sports mom is to support other moms. Not every mother can attend every game and practice. Volunteer your services (driving, snacks, etc.) to other moms. This starts by getting to know other moms and gaining their trust with their kids. Hopefully, you will get to know all the moms on your kids team and it’s certain that you or they will need assistance in the future.

Not every mom knows how to throw a knuckle curve and not every mom knows how to create the ultimate power play combination. But what a mom can do if she doesn’t do it already is scream from the top of her lungs. Vocal support during sports game is something kids thrive on. Many kids play sports to emulate the sports star they idolize who play in front of thousands of fans. It would best for your kids to have at least one loud supporter in the crowd cheering them on.

Being a sports mom is hard work. It involves early morning wakeup calls. If you are a hockey mom or a figure skating mom, you should know that early mornings are part of the lifestyle. Kids playing sports is supposed to be fun. Yes, it’s hard work for parents and kids, but it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. The only goal is for your kids to have fun and not to become the next Tiger Woods or Peyton Manning. As mothers, your only job is to support your kids -- and that job has many roles.


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