10 Outdoor Fun Activities For Kids To Enjoy Summer Vacation

10 Outdoor Fun Activities For Kids To Enjoy Summer Vacation

Do you have a hard time keeping the kids occupied during the summer break? Or do you worry that they will spend the entire summer hooked to TV and video games? If you have answered YES to these questions, you have reached the right place.


Moms know all too well the confusion and eventual tragedy that ensues when kids with their tremendous energy are kept indoors. With the outdoor fun activities ideas for kids given in this blog, your kids are not only entertained (which means less complaining) but will also be mentally and physically active. These fun activities for kids will help them burn off pent-up energy; who won't resist you when it's time to go to bed. It's a well-deserved outcome. Continue reading the ten irresistible fun activities for kids to keep them amused, active, and out of trouble.


#1. Go Gardening


You don't need anything more than a pot, some herbs, and some soil in the backyard to get started. Take your kids to buy their favorite flower seeds or fruits. Let the children loose. The best part is that you can consume the produce you grow afterward. It is a great way to instill respect for the environment and develop an attitude of care in your children, which will serve them well in their later years.


#2. Leaf Hunt


Children aged 5 to 12 can participate in this activity. Choose a green outdoor place, such as a park or a garden, where you are comfortable leaving the kids alone. Leave the kids outside while you go in secret and collect leaves from various trees/plants/bushes - one leaf for each kid.

Could you give them a jar and an assignment? The assignment is for children to match the leaves on the plants/trees to those in their hands. The pot is to collect the same leaf if they find them fallen on the ground. You may then tell them the name of the plant or tree and as much information you think they can absorb. If they have collected fallen leaves, use them in making paintings or art later at home.


#3. Getting the kids to navigate


Blindfolding the kids and driving for about fifteen minutes is a great game. After that, tell the kids to attempt to bring us home as quickly as possible. They are sure to have a lot of fun with this one!


#4. Scavenger hunt game


This fun game can be gratifying for children in learning problem-solving abilities. Provide the kids with a large box and set them on an adventure. If you'd like, select a time restriction for them and let them compete against one another.

Instruct them to fill a box with everything they can find that begins with each alphabet and place it in the box. As a result, your children may choose anything inside or outside the house. For example, an apple from the kitchen (which starts with A), a handful of sand from the backyard (which begins with S), or a ballpoint pen from your work table (which starts with B). Complete alphabetic coverage is required. 


#5. Traveling Alphabets


Play this game with children of all ages when traveling, especially during long travels. Run through the alphabet from A to Z by asking them to find the letters on the license plates of other automobiles on the road in order. When they've finished the alphabet, you may move on to numerals. Next, try detecting items, cars, or buildings in various colors.


#6. Relay activities


This is an excellent fun game for kids of all ages but requires to be played in teams. For this game, you can gather all kids from the neighborhood and divide the gathering into two groups of around five people each. It is a relay race. Keep five objects in a line on a table, such as a mug of milk/soft drink, cookie, thread and needle, boiled egg, and so on (you can pick any items of your choice).

The team members must form a line at the start line (assign tasks to each member at this point). The first member in each team will run, drink from the cup, and then run to the second person in line. The second will run and consume the green chiles on the table before returning to the next person in line; the third will thread the needle, the fourth will shell the cooked egg, and so on. The game continues until the last individual completes their duty. The winning team is the fastest.


#7. Tape Games


This activity can be done on the outside lawn. Make five-ten different colored tape lines on your floor, each about a foot apart. Label the first one "start," and then give your children the following instructions:

  • Long-Jump: Count the number of lines they can jump over. Each time, have them aim to beat their previous best score—experiment with swinging their arms versus holding their arms behind their backs.
  • Run' n' Jump: Now, let them take a running start and see how far they can jump!
  • Long Backward Jump: You can increase the difficulty by doing backward tasks.
  • One-leg jump: Increase the difficulty level and ask them how far they can hop on one leg?
  • Reach and Stretch: How far can they stretch their leg on the "start" line with one foot?


#8. Make an outdoor cubby house


In our garden, we've recently built a 'cubby,' which I adore... But before that, I'd build cubby homes out of blankets in the lounge or beneath the dining table. A good cubby house is a hit with children! They can invite their friends over and have a little party of their own, lie down or simply relax in their cute-looking cubby homes.


#9. Car wash


Let the kids use a pail of water and sponges to give your car a thorough cleaning. Join in the fun with a garden hose if you're okay with getting wet. Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy such drenched-in-water activities, followed by a cool refreshing drink.


#10. Selfie time


It's a great fun activity to do outdoors. This activity helps kids express themselves creatively, and children might create a self-portrait, choosing good backgrounds and locations. It can be done in a park or a garden. Creating life-size pictures of oneself is an excellent way for youngsters to discover their unique personalities and interests and overcome their anxieties.



These fun activities for kids allow you to spend quality time with your children without feeling obligated to spend money. As you prepare to invest in your time together, keep in mind that it's the quality of time over the quantity of time that matters. Therefore, ParentalMastery.com has compiled a list of ten entertaining activities for kids to keep them busy this summer vacation. Let these kid-friendly activities serve as a launching pad for self-exploration, experimenting, indulging in creativity, and a way to deepen your relationship.

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