Is your Kid Shy? -- Most Practical Tips for Parents

Is your Kid Shy? -- Most Practical Tips for Parents

We're not saying that being shy is all that bad. Just so you know, most 'shy' people are naturally good listeners. However, in this competitive world, one has to be outspoken. One needs to exhibits confidence if they want to succeed.

As parents, we should help our kids to be confident. We must know how to develop their social skills.

If your child is seemingly shy, here's a quick post for you. Hopefully your kid will be more confident and outgoing after doing the advices below.

Gradually let go of him. I notice that most shy kids have a hard time being alone in school. Of course, you have to let them go some time. You don't have to do it right away. It's fine if you don't leave the school premises. But you can stay in the school's canteen or garden. In a way, you are not readily visible to him. At least if the worst happens, you are just meters away from your kid. If he is still scared to be on his own, assure him that nothing will go wrong. You can say that being scared is normal but everyone has to face their fears. You see, by telling that, you are assuring him that things will be fine and that he needs to conquer his fears. Hitting 2 birds with a stone, isn't it?

Compliment him as necessary. Shy people have a lot of insecurities. They think that they don't look pleasing, or that they don't look good. As parents, you should be the first ones to praise your kids. A simple “Your eyes are so beautiful” can make your kid feel good about himself. You can even say “Your smile is amazing. It is lovely.” By saying that one has a nice smile, your kid will automatically smile more often making him more approachable.

Set a good example. If you are shy, don't expect that your kids will be outgoing and outspoken. Logically, little kids look up to their parents. Show your kids that you are confident. Bring him to some of your social gatherings and introduce him to your friends. Do things which your kids would like to learn. After all, we are visual creatures, aren't we?

Let him entertain your house guests. Practice makes perfect. Yes, it is cliché but that adage rarely fails. If there are situations where you can hone your kid's social skills, maximize it. You can ask him to welcome the guests while you are preparing the food. That could be a good tactic.

Go to places with kids of same age. It would be better if you enrol your kids in after school programs. At least he will meet people of same age. They will have an instant connection. He can make friends. Thus, he will become more confident.

You have to be patient though. Boosting your kid's confidence is not an overnight task. Sometimes, it would take months, or even years. Just be consistent and you will eventually see the results.

David Zielinski is a wonderful writer who just published his first Free to borrow childrens book about the Misadventures of Fink the Mink, this is a helpful story picture book series written to teach children proper social skills.

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