Baby's First Christmas

Baby's First Christmas

As a mother, it's tough to not get carried away when it comes to your baby's first experience at the holidays and Christmas. The lights, the presents; it's all exciting because it could also be the mother's first experience if this is her first child. So, it's easy to go all out and get a bunch of things, but you want to make sure that you do not get carried away with how you are shopping.

If the baby was born closer to Christmas, it's not going to hold the same excitement factor as if the baby was born in January or February. The ability to rip into presents isn't there, nor is the understanding of what's actually going on and what all the gifts are. It's a great gesture and experience of course, but the first Christmas for babies born closer to Christmas are more exciting for the parent rather than the baby. It doesn't mean the parent can't do something special, but just be sure to not get carried away.

There are more important things to spend money on for a newborn child, like diapers, formula, bottles, etc., but things like rattlers or baby toys are perfect for presents to open. They make noise, they're exciting and they'll actually catch the baby's attention rather than newly wrapped pajamas. Just be sure that you are wrapping the right things and the baby will have a great time, as will you when you experience your baby's first Christmas.

It's right around the corner new moms, so get ready to enjoy.


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