Practical Tips for the Pregnant Traveler

Practical Tips for the Pregnant Traveler

With the right amount of planning and with approval from your physician, traveling doesn’t have to be a problem for any pregnant woman. 

Whether you are leaving for a short vacation or an unavoidable business trip, you have to remember that traveling now is an entirely different experience compared with the times when you still didn’t have that big tummy. 

Here are some practical tips you should keep in mind as you prepare for your next trip:  

1. Pack lightly. 

Common sense would automatically dictate that you pack as light as possible – especially if you are traveling alone. Leave behind irrelevant items so you don’t have to worry about carrying a heavy luggage around. Learn to distinguish the difference between things you want and those you really need. Your life will be so much easier if you follow this simple suggestion. 

2. Bring some food and water. 

Being pregnant usually marks the beginning of increased appetite for most women. This means you will need to bring food with you all the time – particularly those that are nutritious. 

Most doctors will discourage you to consume junk foods during your pregnancy so make it a habit to go with healthier alternatives such as carrot sticks, nuts, bananas, and the likes. 

Also, be sure to bring a bottle of water wherever you go. Staying hydrated and refreshed is very important.    

3. Wear comfortable clothes and footwear. 

Get rid of your high heeled shoes for the mean time and start wearing flats and other similar footwear. In the same way, the clothes you wear should be loose and cozy. So while there are a lot of stylish clothing products and hip footwear selections out there, comfort is definitely a bigger priority than being fashionable when you are pregnant. 

4. Use travel pillows. 

Whether you are traveling by plane or by bus, travel pillows are definitely an important addition to your travel checklist. You will feel more relaxed if you have one pillow for your body and another one for your legs. 

5. Consult with your doctor. 

As mentioned earlier, seeking your doctor’s counsel is a crucial part of your travel preparation. He or she, above anybody else, knows your condition best that’s why you can count on receiving expert advice with each visit to the clinic. For instance, you will be told to avoid unnecessary travel when your final weeks of pregnancy are approaching.   


Author’s Bio: 

Andrew Connor is a travel and leisure blogger. He is currently working as a freelance travel writer and web consultant for He loves photography and literature. You can check out great travel pillows at JetSettr website.


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