What To Do When Flying With Baby

What To Do When Flying With Baby

It’s one of the necessary things most parents must do at some time. Many try to avoid it but sooner or later, they will have to do it. Flying with a baby is something that can cause a lot of unwanted stress. It doesn’t matter the length of the flight -- there could be many stressors coming from the uncomfortability of flying, being in close quarters with people and a possible audial disturbance coming in the form of a crying small baby.

Most parents are usually prepared for taking baby out for the day. Going to the amusement park, the restaurant or a family party is no swear for most. But for a 5 to 16 hour flight, there is a little different type of preparation that will be needed for the flight. It will take more materials, a little medication and of course a lot of patience.

Diapers, Wipes and Disinfectant.

Babies eat, sleep, cry and poop. They sometimes do a lot of the latter. And sometimes it may leave a mess that will be noticeable to both smell and touch. With that said, packing a LOT of diapers will help out as there is no set number of how many changes will be needed for the trip. Wipes are always needed but take a whole pack rather than a travel pack because the more the better. Last, disinfectant wipes -- not for you or your baby but for the surface and the area affected by smell.

Extras with the Change

Aside from pooping, babies may throw their food -- that’s why several changes in clothes would suit well. Climates are ever changing inside an airplane so having layers available is good too. And you may need to do all your changing on a changing mat. For changing diapers, clothes, etc. It’s a comfortable surface where you baby can lie down whilst being changed.

A Mini ER

Flying in atmosphere with a controlled climate where an airplane engine is blaring can be difficult for most travelers but even more for babies. Constantly check time to time the temperature of your baby. Airplanes can be a petrie dish for colds and other ailments, so stay on top of your baby’s temperature. Airplanes are dry inside as well as loud, so nasal saline spray and ear-numbing drops are good for the discomfort. Last, if you have medication for your baby, bring plenty of them.

Keep Them Calm

Most grown-ups get restless and have a case of cabin fever on a flight. The same can be said for babies as they can get extra restless. In this case use the same techniques that you do at home. Starting with pacifiers and bring plenty of them as they can get damaged or dropped easily. Second, bring a favorite toy of your baby. It’s a feature from home and something of value and comfort for the baby. Another item to bring is a blanket or a wrap. That feeling of being insulated is such a source of comfort for the baby that may help them go to sleep.

When the time comes, we hope that you will be prepared for that long flight. One important tip is that if in doubt, pack more. Babies need extra attention on a plane and as a courtesy, alert your neighbors of a situation that may become difficult for you. Pack well, have treats ready for your baby and good luck.



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