Breaking the Baby Style Mold

Breaking the Baby Style Mold

Children are an extension of our selves; a new iteration of our physical traits and emotional characteristics. Even if you are not a psychologist, you can often tell a great deal about a child's parents just by observing their mannerisms.

While it's true that some children have very different personalities than their mothers and fathers, environment plays a huge part in forming who we are. The home ambiance and even behaviours of brothers and sisters can truly have an effect on a little person, making it simple at times to understand their family makeup.

Children's way of dress can also be a great indicator of their parent's fashion style and way of life. However, when shopping for baby clothes it may seem like there are limited options.

Mass-produced lines of gender-specific clothing seem to be in every department store, children's clothing store and of course every website. This makes it difficult to imagine being able to dress your child in anything but the standard blue or pink that society dictates is appropriate.

You will find the odd item of children's clothing in other colors, or pieces that could be worn by either a girl or a boy, but the vast majority still rely on very typical toy truck and princess themes, or simply advertise the latest Disney cartoon.

The desire to dress your child in alternative-style clothing doesn't mean you've got to look for little black leather jackets or plan to raise your child to reject society's norms. You can break the baby style mold and have a great-looking kid just by changing up the colours and styles you choose.

The simplest way is to go for different hues. This means varying not only the colors you put on your child, but the shades as well. Instead of pale baby blue, try a beautiful deep indigo, or a vivid magenta instead of pale pink.

Green is a great colour for both boys and girls, as is red. Both go well with jeans and also neutral basics like gray or brown. Also, don't forget the power of black-it's a chic shade that looks good with everything.

Play up your child's hair, skin tone and eye colour by choosing hues that complement it. You can do this either by matching or working with contrasts. A green shirt can look beautiful with green eyes, for example, while an orange dress really makes blue eyes pop.

Another fun way to break the mold is by choosing patterns that are not necessarily baby-related. Instead of your standard duckies and little bunnies, why not go for something bolder like stars or pirate skulls? You don't have to buy an entire quirky outfit-this can be achieved through accessories like cool bandana baby bibs or hats or socks.

Nowadays shoes are for kids are available in the same styles as those offered for adults, and can really make your little one look hip. Try matching a pair of black basketball sneakers to a cool baby bib with polka dots for a sporty grown-up look.

Breaking the baby style mold is about thinking outside of the box and having a little fun with your child's clothes. After all, they are only small once, and you only have control in the beginning! Very soon you'll be debating over what he or she chooses, so take advantage when you can.

Author bio: Karen Wright-Dunham has fashionable children and is a lover of art and classical music. She is also a writer for, makers of cool baby bibs and a range of interesting baby clothes and accessories.

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