Baby Clothes For The First Month

Baby Clothes For The First Month

Parenthood is a life-changing phenomena. The newborn tends to fill your house with joy and hearts with love. However, your cuddly bundle also fills your days and nights with responsibilities, apprehensions and numerous nappy changes. The very first month of the baby is a very sensitive time, especially in relation to the clothing required.

The Considerations

As wise parents, it is always good to prepare well in advance. A baby requires quite a few changes of clothes during the day. Therefore, firstly, buy simple clothes that come off easily, whenever you need to change the baby. Since your newborn baby's skin is very soft, use the softest clothes possible. Avoid clothing with seams, tags, elaborate detailing, sequin work and such like features that could touch the skin and bother the baby.

Parents need to remember that babies are different in terms of size and fit. It would be judicious to purchase clothes in varying sizes for the first month. You can also make the most of the hand-me-downs and baby shower gifts, by putting them to good use.

Baby Clothing You Will Need in the First Month

To begin with, have something cozy and pretty as a 'welcome home'. This is the most cherished 'photo-op' time, so the moment needs to be memorable in every way. Here's a checklist of the other clothes that will come handy in this period:

* Snap or Tie-on-the-side undershirts - Initially, your baby will have the umbilical cord attached. Long-sleeved undershirts are quite suitable for this time. Stock up on them. They make a warm layer too and will not be required to be pulled over the baby's head.


* One-piece suits or 'Onesies'- These single-piece outfits are very convenient, especially when the baby is napping. They cover up the baby and look super-cute too.


* Pull-on Pants or leggings with snap crotch – This will give you the flexibility to change the baby without removing an entire outfit. Look for the ones that have elastic waistbands, for a comfortable fit.


* Gowns with attached mittens - A pair of these will keep the baby's feet snug and cozy. Gowns are easy to put-on  and that is a major advantage at this time.

* Sweaters/Jackets - A couple of button-down sweaters will be effective in keeping the baby warm enough.


* Wool or fleece rompers or snowsuits - They are great for a baby born in a winter time. Go for the hooded ones, as they will be just ideal for outings.

* Blankets - For babies up to one month of age, blankets or sacks are a good option to get, as they are wearable and fit right over the baby's sleepwear. These blankets are much better than the conventional bulky ones. They are safer and minimize the risk of SIDS ( Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) too.


* Socks, booties and napkins - The more you have, the less they are.

All the clothes need to be washed before use to ensure optimum hygiene. Enjoy dressing your baby and don't forget to save a few of these adorable clothes as keepsakes!


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