Multiracial Families: Common Problems and How to Deal With Them

Multiracial Families: Common Problems and How to Deal With Them

Multiracial families face some unique challenges, and it is important to be prepared for them. Children in particular need some extra support, and adults need to be ready for some of the possible issues that can come up. Learn some strategies that will help guide you through common issues multiracial families might face.

Value Sets

Each family has their own culture which stresses different value systems. Values are emphasized on different areas of life based on what is seen as important to the particular family. For example, a holiday that is seen as highly important by one family may be passed by unnoticed in another. When a couple starts facing these differences, issues may arise. It is important to sit down as a family and have an open mind about these sets of values. Both families need to have tolerance so there is a mutual feeling of respect.

Food and Drink

While this may not seem like a big problem at first, food and drink make up a huge part of our identity. Different cultures have entire traditions based on food and drink, so it is easy to see how some conflicting issues can start. One person may prefer their traditional food, while their husband or wife sees this food as strange and foreign. Again, having an open mind and line of communication is important. Be open to trying new things, but also communicate the things you do or do not like. You can also take turns preparing meals to keep things equal.

Issues with Children

Before you choose to have children, it is important to sit down and talk about your values and stance on raising them. For example, one parent may emphasize strict discipline, while the other has a more laid back attitude. Recognize these differences and be prepared to compromise in certain areas. Perhaps you decide to stress discipline when it comes to academics, but let the children relax and unwind with sports. Determine these stances ahead of time.

Children also may experience a conflicting identity. They may try to force themselves to be in one group or another. Eventually they will find their sense of belonging, but it takes time. Teens in particular can have a difficult time feeling like they belong. If your teen is struggling and needs more structure, you might want to know your best choice for boarding school - Help Your Teen Now is an excellent resource.

Tolerance, respect, and communication are important in any family. The multiracial family structure is becoming more common as time and society progresses. Be prepared for some common issues that can come from the blending of cultures.

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