Tips to protect kids online with parental controls

Tips to protect kids online with parental controls

The digital world has changed the lifestyle of many in the recent years. Internet has become a need for every person. It is hard to believe the world without the online media. It has become a part of our life and emanated into our office rooms, class rooms and homes. It has presented a wide range of opportunities for all the age groups. Mainly, children are utilizing it for their best. Now-a-days many children depend on internet for schoolwork, communication and socialisation. As you know, with any technology some kind of risk is apparent. In the same way, overdose of online can be harmful to your kids. Online risks include child exploitation, online bullying and predation. Children are the biggest assets of any nation. To protect our children and our nation, you should save them from cyber bullying and nasty websites. Following are some tips for parents to protect kids from online dangers.

Select a parental control internet security provider to control your kids from making unnecessary downloads and limited usage of internet. It should filter the web search results and stop instant information applications. It should also alert by sending warning emails when they are accessing nasty websites. Set the time limit for kids' usage of internet. Install mobile monitoring programs in their phones, if they access internet from it.

Speak to your children regarding online experience, and problems they are facing while browsing the internet. Tell them that sharing personal information is not at all good for their well-being. Explain them the significance of keeping personal information private, for their own safety. You should keep your computer in a place that is accessible to every family member. Never keep your computer in private rooms like children' rooms. You should educate your children regarding online bullying and online frauds. Install a web browser which has limited accessibility for unnecessary websites.

Tell them the problems associated with chat rooms. Teach your children the importance of password, ask them not to share password with others. Proper enquiry is very important about wrong messages and mails form unknown persons. Discuss the importance of internet responsibility and security. Keep a track of each site that your child is visiting, with the help of online filtering software. You can buy online filtering software with the help of your credit card. Make sure your card is insured with PPI. If you are unemployed or disabled, you can opt for PPI claims to make credit card repayments within policy period.

Too much information is bad for kids. Children enjoy spending time in social networking sites; they love to share their thoughts and ideas with their friends. Make sure that they are using social media only within the time limit set by you. Sometimes children are bullied and insulted online; find out the reasons behind it. Kids love to play video games online, so make sure that they are not addicted to the attractive video games. Tell them the disadvantages of nasty websites. Young kids may encounter porn sites by accident, so using online filter software is very essential to keep an eye on them.

Author Bio: The guest post was contributed by Lucy, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her blogs @financeport.

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