How to Effectively Discipline Our Teens

How to Effectively Discipline Our Teens

When the child reaches the teenage years, parents think that their life would be easier. They didn’t think that there will be more challenging scenarios that they are going to face when the time comes. But it is best if the parents and their child work something together to do away with power struggles in the family.

Effective discipline to bad behavior is the key to avoid conflict between parents and their child. The explanation to the inappropriate trait that the child possesses is their undeveloped emotional maturity which is to control their impulsive decisions. If they are not being guided correctly, chances are, they will turn into an agitating teenager who does all the vices in the world like, smoking, drinking, pre-marital sex and drugs.

It is not easy to discipline kids these days especially the teens because it is hard for parents to ask their children to always do the right things. As we all know, when they grow up, everything changes and we have to adjust to those transitions to be effective on our way when correcting the bad behavior of our teens.

Wiser Strategies of Discipline

Too much control would mean rebellious response from our teens, so here are the things that we can do to effectively discipline our youth.

Set the rules.  Parents should set clear policy that the child should agree with to set proper consequences for every rule that is not being adhered. It is also a good point to either let them agree with the punishment or let them think what their punishments are for every rule that is being broken.

Document the policies made. It is a positive thing to have the rules set being written. It would be advisable as well for the parents and their teenage child to have their own copies as proof that they agreed on the rules. Don’t forget to let your child sign the behavioral contract to ensure that everything is clear and there is no misunderstanding. Let your child ask questions to confirm that the set rules are crystal clear.

Sample rules:

Be home at 8 o’clock in the evening. Later than 8 o’clock, is punishable by the parental rules. School activities done later than 8 in the evening should be verified by the school teacher or principal. Breaking this rule would mean no television for the entire month.

Consistency is a must. You need to be firm with your rules and a little bit of negligence would mean breach of contract. We all know that teenagers are degree holders when it comes to compromising. Signs of weakness coming from their parents could be vital. Leniency to their cries and begging will make them harder to control when they get used to it.

Both parents should also agree to the rules and punishments that are set to their children to avoid struggle and confusion on their child’s end.  It would be better if both parents are on the same page on how they handle their teenage child.


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