Great Themes For Kids Birthday Parties

Great Themes For Kids Birthday Parties


When it comes to holding a kids birthday party, parents can get worried it wont live up to their child’s expectations. It does depend on the age, the younger they are the easier it is to impress them plus they will be too young to remember it in a few years! If you have no idea where to start with planning the party, choosing a theme to follow is the easiest way to begin. Children go through fazes of loving different characters and TV shows, so just become familiar with what they love at the time and they will have a fantastic day. Here are 3 really popular options to help you decide:



Every child loves Disney. Boy or girl it does not matter, there will be a film from the fantastic name that they will enjoy. Disney covers a large umbrella of names from the beautiful Disney princesses that most girls want to be, to cool Cars that every boy wants to meet and drive! For a princess party, turn your house into a mirage of pink streamers and pretend it is the inside of a castle, along with cute plates, party bags and more from All You Need To Party. For a Cars party you could stick up road signs made from card along with Cars table covers and cups to complete the décor.



Most little boys just love football, and if you are lucky to have the sun shining you could carry this theme outside and set up a fun tournament for him and his friends. Purchase some cheap footballs and puncture a hole in the top, tie some string to them and hang from the ceiling for an unusual décor piece, just make sure they aren’t too low! You could also lay green material across the dining table and set food out to look like a football pitch.



Ahoy there! Young girls and boys will know all about pirates and would have a Jolly Roger good time with this theme! This is the perfect excuse for fancy dress costumes too; you don’t even need to buy a proper set for the kids to look good. Simply get some old cloths and tie them round their heads as bandanas and rip up some old shorts to get a pirate-y look, complete with eye patch and sword of course. A must have buy is a treasure chest piñata, make sure it is hidden with lots of clues for them to find, and then you can bring it into an open space for them to hit to unlock the ‘treasure’!


Once you have a concept let your mind get creative and think of different ways to plan it. Setting up the room and then seeing your kids face as they walk in will be a picture perfect moment and they are sure to have an enjoyable birthday. 

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