Teenage Pregnancy: Introducing Celibate Dating to Teenagers

Teenage Pregnancy: Introducing Celibate Dating to Teenagers

Back in the days, everything seemed slower. Calling someone would mean using the round dial of a telephone and taking more than 10 seconds before hearing a ring. Going on a date would require a tedious process of secret meet-ups, meeting the parents and having a chaperone. In these modern times, everything seems instant. You have speed dial or favourites on your phone.  You can speed date on weekends. You can meet the parents through friend requests. And you can get pregnant.

Teenage pregnancy is a common incidence these days that MTV made a reality out of teenage moms. These teenage moms can turn out to be single moms in the long run as their supposed partner leaves due to the pregnancy. Other times the teenage mom decides for abortion which can then lead to psychological issues. Pregnancy at a young age has been discouraged by institutions including Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Contraceptives, contrary to popular belief, are not enough for pregnancy prevention. This is evident in Britain being one of the world’s largest contraceptive yet having the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Western Europe.

The best way to prevent teenage pregnancy is celibacy. Celibacy is not just for priests and nuns. It is a state that should be practiced by teenagers especially when they go into dating. Celibate dating has advantages other than preventing teenage pregnancy. It highlights the act of dating itself. It puts the social rather than sexual in dating.

Teenagers should understand that dating is a social activity that aims to form an intimate relationship between two people. It is where they learn the flaws, quirks, interests and habits of a potential partner. Teenagers go into dating to test the waters and discover themselves as well as others. The first date is aimed to check the initial interest and compatibility of each other.  They would do some small talk, perhaps enjoy a movie and dinner then would ideally end the night with a promise of a second date. Today’s movies and television shows portray otherwise. First dates end with the two people in bed if they hit it off during the initial conversation. This portrays dating as a quest for a sexual partner rather than a potential partner in life. It is important to break this misconception to today’s teenagers and introduce the concept of celibate dating.

It is important to stress to teenager that second dates are not for awkward after-sex conversations. Second dates are for discovering more about your potential partner. You can share more about your likes and dislikes. Second dates may be activities that you both ended up discussing and liking during the first date. This activity can help establish a stronger bond towards each other. Future dates will then be a road to knowing each other deeper. 

Dating for teenagers should ideally be a fun activity that does not include the pressure of engaging in sexual activities. It is also aimed to establish the connection and understanding required in romantic relationships and then marriage in the long run. Teenagers should therefore be looking for a potential partner, not a sperm donor, when dating. In its essence, celibate dating is real dating. It is something that should be introduced to teenagers. Teenagers should welcome celibacy rather than dismiss it. This would help them prevent teenage pregnancy and find a quality partner that can build their lives together. That can be a better story than an unexpected baby and a missing partner.

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Fran Ralston helps ensure that online daters are introduced properly to online dating. Her team of writers at www.Cupidslibrary.com provide comprehensive dating site reviews and price comparisons.

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