10 Common Kids Stains and How to Clean Them

10 Common Kids Stains and How to Clean Them

Kids and stains go hand in hand. They will either soil their clothes while playing or stain them while eating. There can be innumerable reasons for stains on their clothes, however, removing these stains is not only difficult, sometimes it is nothing short of a challenge. You cannot stop children from getting their clothes stained, as it is an integral part of their growing up. But you can certainly find solutions for removing these different stains. Here are some of the challenging stains along with their removal methods.   

1. Removing stubborn crayon stains 

Crayon stains are very difficult to remove by the regular brush and soap method. Place the crayon-stained dress of your kid on paper towel stack and spray WD-40 on it. Leave it for five minutes. Spray again and then rinse well. Then, rub liquid dishwashing detergent on it and give a final rinse. If the crayon stain still does not go, you can use a stain remover spray and wash it in the machine to remove crayon stains.   

2. Glue, gum and sticker stains 

Whenever your child has stained his clothes with gum or glue try to scrape the stain away with the help of a spoon or blunt knife. In case, it does not come off, you can try rubbing an ice cube first and then start the scrapping process. Try to loosen the residue of the sticky substance by using lubricant like glycerin. Scrap off the remaining residue and then give a rinse. Now, you can rub dishwashing detergent on the stain and wash it in washing machine for the final wash. 

3. Removing paint stains 

Whenever your child comes with paint stains, first remove the dried residue of the paint by using paper towel. Make a solution of water and laundry washing detergent and apply it with a sponge on the stain. This will soften the paint and you can then slowly scrape it off with a blunt knife or spoon. Repeat the process again to remove as much stain as possible and then wash in the machine. 

4. Removing grass stains 

Children tend to forget everything when they are playing. Hence, they do not know when the grass stains are stamped on their clothes. To remove them you need a special chemical such as a dry solvent (acetone or mineral spirit). Ensure that you are in a well-ventilated room to avoid direct exposure to pungent fumes. Put a cheesecloth or rag and rub against the stain. Do this a few times and then rinse the clothes with isopropyl alcohol and dry it. Thereafter use, stain remover spray and wash.   

5. Removing blood stains 

Wash the clothes with bloodstains directly under tap water and rub laundry soap on the stains vigorously. You can also soak the clothes in Napisan if the stain does not go off and rub it with glycerin. Rubbing in circles will ensure that the stain is lifted. Wash in washing machine using Napisan. 

6. Removing ink stains 

For removing ink stains, you need to use the solids of rotten milk. Put these solids on the stained areas, wait until the ink starts loosening, and rises up with the solids. Wash finally using water and detergent. 

7. Removing chalk stains 

Although these stains are very hard to remove but you can use a robot vacuum that easily loosens the particles of chalk. Now put the dress with the stained area facing downward on paper towel stacks. Rub alcohol on the back and you can see the chalk stains coming out and blotting on the paper towel. You can use stain remover for removing any residues and then wash it. 

8. Removing tomato sauce stains 

To remove sauce stain, scrap the stained area with blunt knife and put solution of water and dishwashing detergent on it. Soak the garment for half an hour in lukewarm water and white vinegar. Finally wash it off with enzyme detergent. 

9. Removing tree sap stains 

Try removing the stain with spoon or blunt knife as much possible and then rub the area with glycerin. Let it remain for some time. Now place the stained area facing downward on paper towel stack and slowly tap. The stain will loosen and come off. For complete removal of stain use stain remover and then wash. 

10. Removing mud stains 

Scrap and shake of the mud first and then soak in dishwashing detergent and soap mixture for a few hours. Use prewash stain remover before washing in the machine. 

The ingredients used in these stain-removing methods are very easy to find and most of them are easily available in your kitchen. Now that you know how to remove the toughest stains from your kid’s clothes, try them and keep the garments of your kids stain free.

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