Raising Responsible Kids

Raising Responsible Kids


Being a parent is a 24 hour round the clock occupation. Contrary to being an employee in a workplace, parenthood does not just stop when you decide to lock your bedroom to retire for the night. Once your child knocks, you can’t just tell him that your “shift” is done and that you have to go to sleep to rest.  However, more often than not mothers are forced to open their bedroom doors whenever their kids need their attention. This is because being a parent is more than just a full-time job. Below are some useful parenting tips that will help you raise kids that are both adorable and responsible.

Never lose your sense of humor.

The rigors of motherhood can be so stressful that others even forget to smile.  But, this should not be the case.  Sharing a joke with your kids can go a long way towards raising happy and successful kids. Studies reveal that when parents take the time to share a joke their kids are encouraged to think creatively, to win more friends and cope with daily stress more successfully.

Always stay on the positive side.

Research shows that parents who always show negative emotions are more likely to raise aggressive kindergartners, which may lead them to become even more aggressive as they grow to become adults. This will also make them tend to have a rough relationship with their spouse or partner because of their aggressive behavior. In other words, as a parent, you need to find ways to break free from being an angry parent and angry child cycle. This way, your children will not be showing the same negative behavior to their classmates and other people each time they go out of the house away from your ranting.

Learn to let go.

When your children start to make efforts to leave the nest, learn to let go. The more you hover and interfere with your teenage child, the more likely it is for your child to manifest anxiety and lack of confidence.  But, once you make it a habit to just create a relaxing atmosphere with your kids they would become more open to new experiences. Once your 18 year old child realizes that he has the freedom to deal with his own issues at school then you are opening up more opportunities for him to grow and mature.

Mind your marriage.

If you are raising your child with your significant other, always see to it that both of you are doing your best to keep your relationship or your marriage more stable as your children grow. Children who are raised from parents who manifest loving and nurturing atmosphere at home will less likely to exhibit negative behaviors. Research also shows that infants born from parents who are contemplating divorce have an increased tendency to have sleeping problems when they grow into toddlerhood.  In addition, having a problematic marriage could also mean that the child is being raised in a stressful home which largely contributes to a child’s stress and sleeping problems.

Take care of your mental health.

Of course, parents need to be mentally healthy as much as possible so they could raise not just sane kids but also responsible and loving members of the society. Parents need to be conscious about their parenting styles and see to it that they do not become favorite targets of mental health issues even though in reality parenthood is indeed filled with reasons for people to become depressed and anxious. Children born from depressed parents will more likely to suffer the same fate as they move towards adulthood.

Another interesting finding that researchers have is that children who have grown to have special bonds with their parents will more likely to grow as responsible and romantic partners.  This is because that certain “secure attachment” they have with their parents stays in them and enables them to build secured relationships with their significant others as well.


About the Author:

Ryan Rivera believes that healthy lifestyle habits must start at home while the kids are still young so they can also grow to become healthy individuals.  Positive parenting styles will also help kids to grow stronger against any symptoms of stress and anxiety. Please visit Calm Clinic Google+ account for more helpful tips.

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