How to Prepare Yourself for Busy Mornings with Kids

How to Prepare Yourself for Busy Mornings with Kids

Most moms and dads have a hard enough time getting up in the morning and getting ready for work, but they have the extra burden of managing their kids before they go to school. If you don't like having to wake up and go to work, imagine how your child must feel.

To make life easier for everyone in the family, here are some ways that you can turn a busy morning before school or work into a better experience.

Prepare the Night Before: If your heart's pounding while you're racing your kids out the door, then clearly you don't have enough time to manage your mornings. Why not save yourself some hassle and spend a little more time getting ready at night? When your kids go to bed, use that time to make their lunches, clean and lay out their clothes for school, and make sure everything you'll need for breakfast is ready. You can include your own pre-work routine into the mix, making sure that your own clothes and meals are prepared, too.

Stay Calm Through the Morning: While some parents are naturally early risers or "morning people," others find it difficult to be alert and pleasant after waking up—and the same nature can apply to their kids, too. Fortunately, you don't have to snap at your children every morning to get them ready for school. Take a moment every now and then to pause and breathe deeply. Relax yourself before you speak to your children and remind them about getting dressed and brushing their teeth.

Take Good Care of Yourself: Even though your focus is on your children, you should still take some time for yourself. You might stay up a bit to make lunches and lay out clothes, but you should still get plenty of sleep. Don't neglect an opportunity for exercise and proper eating either. If you stay healthy, you'll find it easier to keep your kids healthy and you'll be better prepared for those busy mornings.

Keep to a Healthy Routine: They might resist at first, but kids do respond well to having a normal routine in the morning. It'll be less of a headache for you if your kids know to wash up before breakfast, double-check their books and backpacks, and brush their teeth before leaving for school. The more you stick with this routine, the less stress you'll face each morning.

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