10 Easy DIY Kids Ideas To Keep Them Entertained

10 Easy DIY Kids Ideas To Keep Them Entertained

Kids are always on the move, and so are the parents. Are you one of the parents looking for creative activities for kids to encourage family time and activities that minimize screen time? These fun and easy DIY ideas will encourage your kids to be social and engage in creativity. The concept of DIYs with kids at home fosters a parent-child bond. It helps develop problem-solving abilities in kids and sets the right foundation for their personality development.


Read on to explore ten unique DIY activities for kids, playdates, birthday parties, and more. 


#1. Mosaic Art


Color fascinates children, and this easy game can be put up quickly without any additional equipment. Gather some patterned paper, scissors, and PVA glue. You could also cut up old magazines into many different pieces (the kids may help with this), then use them to create mosaic art! 


#2. Microwave Paint


It's a LOT of fun! Squeeze the simple four-ingredient paint onto a paper and microwave it for a few seconds to see the paint puff up and expand right before your eyes! It's an excellent way to merge art and science!


#3. Making flower vases from papiér-mâché


Ask your kid to fill the air in two balloons (one small and one bigger). Cover each with white papiér -mâché craft paper, leaving the bottom quarter to third exposed and rough edges. Set aside and allow it to dry. Pop balloons and remove them. Fill each of them with water and flowers and place a glass vase within.

You can also ask them to make pencil holders, plant pots, or a small phone stand and give it as a gift for Mother's day or as a utility item for the father's office.  


#4. Making flower-crown


Measure the head circumference of the individual who will wear the crown. A wire 2 inches longer than the measurement should be cut and twisted together to make a circular as the next step. After that, take a few blossoms and tie them together with flowery thread, cutting the ends to approximately 2 inches in length. Repeat the process until you have enough flower bundles to fill the full wire circle. Attach the bundles to the wire ring using floral tape, slightly overlapping to hide the stems.


#5. Embroidery hoops


The embroidery hoops made of cane can be used to create art by sewing with yarn or simply hanging the earrings. In any case, they're an excellent craft for a rainy day. Suitable for all ages (with an adult to supervise with the needle). Separate the embroidery hoops into rings. Cut caning pieces slightly more significant than the interior ring, then hot-glue them to the ring. If desired, paint the outside ring. When dry, slide over the inside of the ring and tighten. Thread yarn onto a large-eyed needle and stitch desired design. Simply hang or put earrings through the caning holes to serve as a jewelry holder.


#6. Make your own soap


Making your soap is simpler than you would think! We developed a soap formula that anyone can make at home. This project will require a bit more preparation than others on our list. However, the extra effort is worthwhile since you'll end up with an excess of wonderful soap. For soaps, the possibilities are unlimited. You may make personalized soap for your skin type by combining different colors and essential oils. Skin sensitivity? Try including oats.


#7. DIY room-fresheners


Make a tree-shaped air freshener to brighten a dismal day. In addition, they are manufactured using essential oils, which means there are no harmful chemicals in the process. Fun for everyone, regardless of age (with an adult to supervise with the essential oils). Use a scrap of cloth to trace the outline of a wooden Christmas tree ornament. Cut them out in pieces and glue the front and back of the ornament. After it's dried, add Dad's favorite essential oil to saturate the cloth (or you can use cedar). Hang the ornament by wrapping rope around the ornament's loop.


#8. POM POM bouquet


Making pom-poms is a rewarding and pleasurable experience. Make a bouquet of everlasting flowers out of the squishy puffs. First, stretch a green pipe cleaner 3 inches above the fork tines to run parallel to it. Wrap yarn around the tines perpendicularly. Once everything is off of the fork, you may finish by wrapping the three-inch portion of pipe cleaner around the yarn. Trim the ends of the yarn that has been wrapped around itself with care. If necessary, repeat. String the stems together with a ribbon and secure them in place.


#9. Paper-cards & Greetings


These hand-stitched cards can be given to a friend or hung on a bulletin board to remind the good things in life. You may have sufficient materials already needed for this DIY, so it's an added bonus for all ages (with a big needle).

Cut a form from medium to thick craft paper (try a flower or an animal shape). Small hole punches can be used to pierce the border. Use embroidery floss, thin twine, or yarn to sew your project together. Add a pipe cleaner stem and a gorgeous antique button for more flair.


#10. Newspaper arts


Using old newspapers is a great way to recycle them and wrap paper to make paper boats. Set sail after creating a one-of-a-kind design with as many colors and patterns as you desire. A handgun is a must-have for any home cowboy or cowgirl who dreams of living out their wild west fantasies. This paper pistol fire counters when you follow our simple instructions.

With a few simple craft supplies and a wooden spoon, your child can make a fantastic wicked witch costume in time for Halloween. To scare your neighbors this Halloween, try burying one end of a spoon in some dirt on your front lawn.




Whether it's summer vacation and you need an activity to keep the little one occupied or a sick child at home who needs some amusement, these charming and ingenious DIY crafts for kids will accomplish precisely that. These easy DIY ideas for kids can also be used as home decoration articles or toys, which your kids can reuse. 

When the holidays arrive, these crafts may make great DIY gifts for Mother's Day, Father's Day, or any occasion as a personalized gift item. Your spouse or other family members or friends will appreciate the time you and your child took to create something personal and meaningful for them. There are some ideas wherein younger children may require assistance or supervision, especially when using glue guns or sharp scissors. However, this is the best time to bond with your child. ParentalMastery.com has excellent ideas for kids of all ages and skills. So let the fun begin!

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