Save Money and Get More Family Time with These DIY Holiday Ideas

Save Money and Get More Family Time with These DIY Holiday Ideas

Short on money and time for the family this holiday season? Then why not kill two birds with one stone by introducing homemade creations into your home? For one, you'll be able save money on expensive giftwrapping, cards, and presents, and for another you and the rest of the family can spend quality time together.

Check out a few holiday arts and craft ideas below to help get you started:

1. Holiday cards

Store-bought cards (even the fancy ones) are still regarded as impersonal. Sure, they may look nice, and have witty words in them, but if you really want to pull on the heartstrings of your receivers, then consider going the DIY route instead. Head to the nearest craft store, and pick up some cards, coloring materials, and other supplies and round up the family to create homemade Christmas cards. This will not only allow you to save some cash, but it will also serve as a great bonding experience for everyone. You'll even bring out your family's creative side while you're at it. What's more, the card receivers will definitely feel even more touched knowing that they were given something handmade.

2. Baked goods

Yummy food is always a big hit during the holidays. If you ever want to make your neighbors, co-workers, or your kids' classmates smile during this season, then head on over to the kitchen and get baking! Traditional baked goods such as chocolate cookies and brownies are always welcomed with open arms (or should we say open mouths), but if you're feeling a little bit more adventurous, inject some seasonal cheer into your creations by baking holiday-themed goods. Cut out cookies to shape of Frosty the Snowman, or throw in some red and green sprinkles into your brownies to make them more in-tuned to the season.

Baking with the family creates win-all situation. It's a win for your giftees because they'll be able to enjoy some baked goods, and it's also a win for your family because you'll all get to spend some fun quality time together.

3. Personalized gift cards

Gift cards are wildly known for being impersonal… unless they're homemade, that is. Instead of the usual generic Visa card, consider making your own! The gift certificates could be something that's only applicable to you and the receiver. For instance, you give your husband a gift card for a free massage, or you can give your kids a gift certificate saying that they can eat whatever they want for dinner. This is your chance to get really creative and personal, so go nuts!

4. Christmas décor

Not too keen on spending too much money on ornaments and holiday décor? Then don't. Again, take this chance to go the do-it-yourself route instead. Gather 'round with the family tell your kids and husband to come up with holiday decorations for your home. This will not only make your holiday more meaningful, but it will also give you a chance to bond with each other

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