10 Present Ideas for a Christening

10 Present Ideas for a Christening

So you have been invited to a little ones christening but have no idea what present to buy? Are you supposed to buy something for the parents, something practical for the child or something the child can have as a keepsake? Below are some ideas of presents available:

1. A piggy money box, this is a great idea of a present that will last as hopefully parents will put spare change in the piggy to save for the child and once full the money can go in the child's bank account. Pigs are available in blue or pink and can also be personalised with the child's name.

2. Bracelets are also a popular choice and again can be engraved with the child's name however the bracelet probably wouldn't fit them for long and would just end up in a folder somewhere as a keepsake.

3. Why not get them a keepsake box so parents can save all the memories of their child like pictures, first tooth, first strand of hair, first shoes, favourite outfit, snuggly teddy so the child will have something to look back on over all their favourite memories.

4. Record books are great for adults to record the child's height, first words, first time they walked and crawled, first time they lost a tooth, gained a tooth. Record books are available in many colours, can be personalised and are a great keepsake.

5. Gift baskets are more of a practical idea

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