Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter with your Children

Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter with your Children

Every family looks forward to spending time together, and with a hectic lifestyle that continues to get busier by the minute, we tend to spend less time with our beloved family than ever. One thing that families will always look forward to is bank holidays and luckily we are in touching reach of an extremely long one! If you are tactical enough, you will have put in extra holidays at work around this time to give you an even longer time off to spend with your children during the Easter holidays.


Easter is one of the most exciting times of the year for children as there are so many activities they can participate in to celebrate it. Spend some quality time with your children this Easter and enjoy the celebratory holiday together!


Bake & Decorate

Put on your apron and get begin the bake off! We all love spending time in the kitchen with our youngsters. Not only does it give us the chance teach our children some important cooking skills, it also gives your kids chance to get creative with their ideas and learn about measurements. There are plenty of tasty treats suitable for Easter that you can make as a family such as chick cake pops, bunny shaped cookies and a cake decorated with mini chocolate eggs. 


Get Crafty

Every child enjoys getting messy so why not let their imagination run free by setting up a crafty competition? Make Easter-inspired jewellery or get your children to help you fill and decorate a hamper to give to a loved one as a gift. Another popular craft activity for Easter is decorating hard boiled eggs. Allow your kids to get creative and you can judge them at the end offering an Easter egg as the winning prize. 


Dress for the Occasion

Getting dressed up is always a great way to celebrate any special event. As one of the biggest celebrations of the year, whether religious or not, you should wear year your favourite clothes or invest in some new ones to commemorate the long weekend. Dress your son in smart pair of trousers with a patterned shirt and find a beautiful princess dress for your daughter and let them feel like the bees knees this Easter. Find a range of girl’s dresses to fit the occasion at Little Mistress.


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