The Best Toys for Your Baby: The Ultimate Guide

The Best Toys for Your Baby: The Ultimate Guide

In the early stages of life, babies go from being newly arrived beings to full-fledged toddlers! In this short amount of time, your baby will grow and develop in ways you never thought possible. From crawling to saying their first words, many exciting developmental milestones are on the horizon. If you’re looking for the best toys for your baby to support these important developmental processes, we’ve got you covered. Check out the list of best toys below for your baby that is fun and engaging. It can be challenging to track all the milestones and activities your child should be accomplishing at specific ages. Luckily, this ultimate guide to the best toys for babies has got you covered!


0-3 months old


Tummy time is critical for newborns up to 3 months old. However, resting on a simple blanket may be uninspiring. Consider purchasing a play gym to keep your little ones entertained.

You could also want to look for some stand-alone graphics, such as books or cards. Babies at this age respond strongly to visuals that are bold and contrasted — anything in black and white.


1. Wee Gallery Art Cards for Toys


Wee Gallery's stunning black-and-white art cards come in a range of animal patterns and are perfect for sharing with your baby from birth. In fact, they were designed with the baby's developing vision range in mind — around 8 to 10 inches at this age.

Each set is constructed of board book material and will not rip as your baby begins to explore the world with their mouth. For extra interest, one side has a white backdrop with a black picture, while the other has a black background with a white image.


2. Tummy time cushion with rainbow colors


Tummy time is beneficial for babies of all ages, and this toy may help your child stay face-down on the floor for a bit longer because it is so entertaining. They may lay on top of the cushion and be gently pushed up while benefiting from tummy time.

It's similar to a nursing pillow, except it's smaller and only for your baby. This machine-washable cushion also includes a crinkly-sound toy and a teething toy.


3. Bibs and Burp Cloths


Babies are messy, especially when they are feeding. While feeding, your baby will likely spit up or spill their milk. This is why it is essential to have plenty of burp cloths and bibs on hand. Bibs and burp cloths protect your baby’s clothes from spills and spit-up. They also make great toys for babies.

Babies often enjoy grabbing onto these items and playing with them. It is a good method to introduce your baby to different textures and engage them in play. Try out different fabrics and colors to see which fabrics your baby likes best.


Baby aged 3 to 6 months


At this age, your child may begin rolling over, reaching and clutching, and babbling. Toys for this age group should encourage these milestones as well as other growing motor abilities, such as enhanced hand-eye coordination and, most importantly, the ability to sit upright unsupported (which may happen around their 6-month birthday, just FYI).

At this age, colors are also more essential. According to experts, your kid should have established decent color vision by 5 months.


1. Rattle with lights


With a light-up happy face on one end and a mirror on the other, a clever tiny rattle is safe to use from birth and helps your baby develop its gripping and visual tracking abilities. The rest of the body is rough to provide tactile stimulation and to contrast black and white. A rattle was originally created by a parent and an early intervention professional, and it comes with a pamphlet that explains how to use it during your baby's first year.


2. A set of multi-colored balls


While balls are intended for children aged 6 months and older, newborns as early as 6 months are learning to hold objects. (Don't they grow quickly?) Invest in a unique ball set that has distinct colors, shapes, and feel. This stimulates your baby's tactile senses and keeps them returning for more play. These BPA-free balls are ideal when your baby grows and begins nibbling on things while teething.


06-12 months


Babies usually receive their first teeth between the ages of 6 and 12 months, therefore, chewable toys are a must at this age. Otherwise, they're reaching developmental milestones such as playing peekaboo, picking up items with their thumb and pointer finger, and hunting for concealed objects.

Oh, yes. They're also on the move, so brace yourselves!


1. Sophie, the giraffe


Sophie, made of natural rubber, has been the gold standard of teething toys for almost 55 years. Her iconic shape, texture, and squeak satisfy children's chewing desires. And don't worry about this giraffe's ears and hooves getting stuck in your child's mouth: she's BPA- and phthalate-free, and she's painted with natural food paint (so she may fade a bit over time). You can easily find one on Amazon.


2. Dimpl Sensory toys


Dimpl is a sensory toy for babies 10 months and older that allows them to push and poke different colored silicone "bubbles" to their hearts' delight. It's a stimulating baby toy with the bubble wrap effect. The design is BPA-free and composed of food-grade silicone. This toy encourages your baby's fine motor abilities while also teaching them cause and consequence.


12 Months Old


At 12 months, the baby is starting to become more active. This is a great time to introduce baby and toddler toys that encourage movement and gross motor skills. At this age, a baby will start developing their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. 

Brain and language development are also important at this age. Looking for toys that promote communication and encourage your baby to explore the world around them is critical at this age! 

A baby is becoming more independent at this age. This means they can explore and play with toys on their own. The toys you choose must be safe, durable, and simple enough for your baby to play independently with. You should look for toys made with safe materials that your baby cannot swallow or choke on. Avoid toys with loose parts that could break off and present a choking hazard to your baby. You may also look for toys that encourage your baby to develop their gross motor skills. Look for large toys for your baby to crawl, walk, or sit on. These toys will help improve your baby’s balance, strength, and coordination. Best Toys for 12-Month Olds:


1. Sound Activated Toy


Music and sound are great ways to engage your baby in play. There are many types of sound-activated toys available on the market. You can find toys that play music, have lights that flash to the beat of the music, or even toys that make sound effects from different characters or movies. 


2. Floor or Playmat


Playmats are a great toy for babies at this age. This is an excellent space for your baby to crawl, roll around, and play. These mats are often made with bright colors and patterns that are visually engaging. They often have toys attached to them to encourage your baby to explore their surroundings. Many playmats also have sounds to engage your baby. It will encourage movement and play while keeping their babies safe.


3. Shape Sorter


Shape sorters are another great toy for encouraging fine motor skills in babies. These toys help your baby learn about shapes, colors, and how things fit together. This is an excellent option to encourage your baby to learn while playing. Shape sorters come in many different forms. You can find traditional wooden sorters or sorters that are made out of bright and fun fabrics.


4. Toy Drums or Cymbals


Making noise with toys is a great way to engage your baby in play. Toy drums or cymbals are a fun way for your baby to make noise and explore music. These toys sound when your baby hits them together or moves them around. It’s a fantastic method to introduce music to your baby while encouraging them to explore their surroundings and make noise.


5. Car Seat or Carrier


Car seats and carriers are a great way to get your baby outside while still in a rear-facing car seat. It is a fun way for your baby to explore their surroundings while you are out and about. Car seats and carriers are also a great way to get some fresh air at home or to help get your baby interested in the world around them.


18 Months Old


At 18 months, your baby will become more interested in toys related to their environment. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce toys related to your child’s interests and what is happening around them. At this age, babies start developing a sense of curiosity and want to explore the world around them.

At this age, toys should be simple enough for your baby to use independently. They can also explore independently and should be allowed to do so in a safe environment. Avoid toys with loose parts that could break off and present a choking hazard to your baby.


Best Toys for 18-Month Olds:


1. Instruments


Babies and toddlers enjoy making noise. This is the best time to introduce musical instruments that will allow them to explore music. You can find simple instruments, like a tambourine, or more complex instruments, like a guitar, to get them started.


2. Balls and Bowling


Balls are a great toy for toddlers. This is a great toy for both indoor and outdoor play. You can play ball games with your baby and toddlers or let them explore with the ball on their own.  


3. Ride-on Toys


Ride-on toys are a great toy for toddlers. This is a great way for your child to build strength and coordination while having fun. There are ride-on toys available for different ages and stages of development. A horse or a pony or a small car are all very good options during this stage.


4. Puzzles


Incorporating puzzles at this stage is very beneficial for the developing baby. It will help in making new brain connections and help them develop critical skills.




Whether it's for your own child or a close friend's child, getting them a toy that's good for their age group is always a good idea. The best toys encourage babies' development by appealing to their sense of sight, sound, and touch. If you visit before your next trip to the store, you'll have no trouble deciding what to pick up for your little one.

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